Friday, January 25, 2008

funny friday


It has been kind of a funny day today, to end a funny week. Lots of goods and bads together.

Today is Friday, and I took a day off work to make up for some long, long hours in previous weeks. I love an extra day off. So far it's been marvelous, mostly.

good: it's Friday and I have the day off
bad: I have to spend all of tomorrow in a Board meeting

good: yesterday was my sister's 3oth birthday (and she had a good one)
bad: I'm even older than she is

good: my sister and I had massages today!
bad: her car battery died and we were late for our appointments
also bad: I got pulled over for expired tags (who knew!!??)

good: our new fridge was delivered today
bad: we had to buy a new fridge. the compressor in our old one died.

good: the new fridge is energy star and will save us ca$h money every month
bad: the delivery guy says the compressors in these models are bad and it might also die on us.

good: the cloche is finished and I wrote up the pattern to share with all of you
bad: the car battery fiasco curtailed the photo shoot, so i can't post it today

good: it's teatime.

So we'll end on a positive note. Have a good weekend, everyone!

drool suri
another winter white photo for shari -- some heavenly brushed suri yarn. it became a scarf for my mom last christmas.

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  1. Hope your weekend is filled with lot's of goodness too!