Saturday, October 29, 2005


felting is amazing.

it always blows my mind how a trip through the washing machine on high agitation can change a ginormous shapeless thing into a tough little shaped item. fer instance: start with giant floppy sack. toss in washer. two times. pull out ball of fuzz. pound into shape. voila! stylish purse! i know there is physics in there somewhere, but the science (as usual) eludes me.

now designing, whoa, that is something else. the very idea of designing something felted is so overwhelming. so, i just made the aforementioned stylish purse. i wanted to design it myself, i really REALLY wanted to. but the maths and the felting of gauge swatches and the tremendous amount of planning and forethought involved were just exhausting, and no quanitity of chocolate croissants seemed to buoy me to the task, so once again i used some cute free pattern off the web and threw in a tassle. why yes, i designed it myself! am i not amazing???

before felting: giant sack.

after felting: petite yet functional (yet blurry. sorry).

okay, really i'm still not sure how i feel about the tassle. would a big funky button be better? i just wanted to work in that chocoloate brown moda dea flip yarn because according to the newspaper lifestyle section (where the in-the-know get their fashion news), brown and green are THE COLORS TO HAVE this fall. and so i am hip. worship me and my felting prowess! but just maybe not my big 70's tassle.

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