Sunday, April 16, 2006

she hit the wall

I'll admit that after the exhilirating victory of the Knitting Olympics, I was a little cocky. Maybe a bit full of myself. Maybe a little over-confident.

Jay's Celebration Challenge seemed like a stroll in the park... a knitted garment covering the upper body, with over a month to get it done! Shucks, no problem, I told myself. I can take it.

Well, the deadline has come and gone, and apparently I could not take it. Apparently one big knitting challenge per year is about all I can handle. It wasn't so much the deadline as the focus... just working on one item, to the exclusion of all other knitting projects, is something so challenging that it can only be done once a year, I now realize, as I lay in a crumpled heap on the couch, various craft projects (including the unfinished challenge project) strewn about the room. Above is a shot of the unfinished item in my knittting bag.

The back is done, and the front is, um, coming along... I have every intention of finishing this blouse, as I have every intention of wearing it this spring and summer... just not wearing it to the Celebration Challenge international after-party.

The good news is, during the Challenge time-frame, lots of other things got done instead: a couple of monsters, a bear, some socks for my spoilee Secret Pal, a beer cozy or two, and a secret project I can't tell you about (don't bother trying to pry it out of me - I'll never tell!). I am loving this Use What You Have month, and I think I may extend it through May. My stash is slowy depleting, and my bank account is unusually cushioned this month. Hm... any connection?

Are any of y'all joining the Use What You Have thang in May, or extending the April fun? For May, I'm planning to make a big funky kid's sweater with some amazing bright yellow yarn sent to me by my spoiler Secret Pal. Big collar, giant buttons, exra-long - I can hardly wait to get started on it. Just as soon as I finish the Celebration Challenge project...


  1. Sorry that you didn't finish your Challenge item. I am looking forward to seeing it when it is finished.
    I have too much yarn in my stash to justify buying any more right now. I still have scads of the merino that I used to make my shawl, lots of wool in various colours. Some Fleece Artist mohair that neeeds to be used and a crapload of other various yarns that I love for one reason or another. The only thing that I might buy is more white wool so I can dye them for socks. But first, I have to finish the socks that I have started, so I may have to wait a few weeks. It always seems like there is so many other things to do. So I am with you on use what I have, and it doesn't really seem all that hard. I just avoid the yarn stores like the plague. Nothing to tempt me, no tempetation! Kind of like chocolate. If it's not in the house, I can't eat it.

  2. i still think
    you are
    a knitting queen!
    i can't tackle
    those big projects
    i get to damn
    and i am a total
    ADD knitter!

  3. Next year... I will give you plenty of advance warning next year and will make the challenge a little less... arduous? I think next year it might be quite different. In the meantime keep a look-out because I am thinking of other interesting inter-activities you may be tempted to try! Tee hee


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