Saturday, July 22, 2006

promises, promises

It was a good run, but in the eleventh hour, the two-month Wardrobe Refashion pledge was smashed like a Kri-Kri dish by a disgruntled cat. I know I haven't mentioned it in a while, but some of you may recall that back at the beginning of June I took the pledge: to buy no new clothes for two months. Make, alter, thrift, sew, recycle, swap - all these methods of clothing acquisition are permitted (and encouraged), but no new retail.

No sweat, I thought. I hate buying things! And it will certainly only help my pocketbook. I threw myself into the challenge. I actually got out the sewing machine and made something. I read the Tease book (while standing in the Crafts aisle at a big box bookstore - why spend money?) and altered a T-shirt that never fit very well.

how i love to rip up a good T-shirt

I started knitting myself a short-sleeve top for the summer - and she's coming along nicely. Meet Delanna:

the top, top down

As July slid toward its close, I thought I was in the clear. Two months with no new clothes? Yawn. Do your worst, Wardrobe Refashionistas!

But then The Vacation started to approach: a backpacking trip in August. Forgetting my thrifty promise, I blithely strolled into the outdoors shop and dropped a pile of dough on three quick-dry, moisture-wicking T-shirts and a pair of underpants whose package proclaims "17 countries. 6 weeks. And one pair of underwear." You can see why I might have been dazzled. Looking at the hideously practical pile now, I realize the incredible weakness of my fiber.

for this I broke a pledge? it's not even from nordstroms!

In fact, it's not even cute. Is there an exception for moisture-wicking? Oh, what a consumer I am. This better be a great vacation.


  1. yeah! you fell off the wagon too!
    but you know, you NEEDED those quick drying things for the vacation! trust me, all the serious hikers say "cotton kills".
    if you need any pointers, please ask. i've done my share of backpacking ... hundreds of miles on the a.t.
    i think it's perfectly acceptable to buy clothes, or yarn, when it's needed, and not just casual shopping. right?

  2. oh,
    i think that
    it's like
    buying undies
    (and you actually did
    buy undies)...
    you didn't buy it
    for fashion
    you bought
    it for parcticality...
    i don't think it's
    falling off the wagon.


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