Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Here it is, our freshly-repainted bathroom. Sherwin-Williams calls this color "Liveable Green." It is a lot more liveable than the peeling-off cream color we had before:

sorry for the lame photo. there's not much natural light in there - i'll try again on a brighter day.

I am really happy with it - it is very clean and bright looking. You probably already read all about the trials and travails that went into these bathroom walls, which have resulted in a laundry list of back pain, sore knees and - worst of all! - achy wrists (from the death grip I kept that paint scraper in for so many hours, I guess). Whine, whine, but the bathroom looks fabulous.

The wrist problems have kept me away from doing much knitting, though, so unfinished projects are lying strewn about the house feeling neglected.

socks in progress
half-finished birthday socks for my sis

afghan in progress
simon's afghan

sweater in progress
that dang mis-sized baby sweater


...and here's a suspicious-looking gauge swatch for a sweater I'd like to knit for myself. I wanted to get it rolling before taking off for a conference on the 28th, because I'll have lots of airplane time, airport time, conference presentation time, and of course late-night cable-watching hotel room time in which to get a sweater done. But only if my wrists will cooperate!

Maybe I should go soak them in a hot bath... in my bee-yoo-tee-ful bathroom.


  1. the bathroom looks fabulous! i like the lower half trim too... much inspiration for our dismal bathroom that we are a bit scared of fixing. though getting an estimate from tile folks did inspire some DIY dreaming...

  2. Congrats on the bathroom. I'm suffering through a bedroom re-painting job right now. It feels so awesome when it's done though. You walk in the room, and it sort of surprises you.

  3. I knew I liked you. You have such excellent taste in colors! (My bedroom is S.W. "Liveable Green" as well.)

  4. THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE PACKAGE!!! Wow, what an awesome gift, and you are too generous and the music is great, and wow! I love the look of that afgan, it looks soooo soft and comfy! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  5. Bathroom looks great! I like the name of the colour too.

  6. wowie!
    nothing more
    satisfying than
    a freshly painted
    finished home
    enjoy a rewarding
    soak in the tub!


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