Monday, June 04, 2007

finish what you started


Some of you are going to laugh at me, because you have untold numbers of projects "in progress" hiding in bags and baskets all over your house. I don't know if it's my Puritanical upbringing or just my rabid thriftiness (a.k.a. cheapness), but I really don't like to leave a project unfinished. I don't even like having more than one project going at a time, because of the delay conveyed to one by progress on the other.

I recently pulled out this wonderful yarn I bought a while back from Lazy Perry Ranch to try my hand at toe-up socks. This being the first time for the toe-up thing, I stuck to plain old stockinette, thinking that the toe-uppiness would be challenge enough and I should just keep it simple. I will say that the short-row heel was somewhat challenging the first time, and I ripped and re-knitted it once. But otherwise, it's just a sock, backwards. Not really brain surgery.

So I knitted and knitted in stockinette and eventually realized that this was going to be a really boring pair of socks. I also wanted to knit all the way to the end of the skein on each sock, since the color is "Fade to salmon" and I wanted to be sure use the really intense part at the end (remind me next time to start with the intense part, okay?). So the boring stockinette sock is destined to be a boring stockinette knee-high.

That's all fine and good when you're sitting through a three-day conference and flying around on airplanes with lots of stockinette-knitting time on your hands, but now that I'm back home with one sock and one toe finished, I can't possibly imagine knitting the second one. I think it's worse than second-sock syndrome, because despite the lovely yarn, I didn't even really enjoy making the first sock very much. And there are so many other projects waiting to be knitted!

I'm thinking it's time to cut my losses and stuff this into the back of the yarn cabinet. For shame! Hopefully after a few months my guilt will grow sufficiently strong for me to rip the whole thing out and rewind the yarn for future use. And when that day comes, I will start with the part I wanted to use in the first place. And I think I might also start at the top.


  1. the yarn is so beautiful. maybe you need an incentive...hmmm. how was your trip? xo

  2. Who told you about those bags all over my house?
    That yarn really is lovely, but I totally understand the desire for a new project. I think I'll go start one!

  3. Wow - good for you! I'm not sure I'd have enough resolve to frog socks when I had one completed. I love that yarn though.

  4. Ah, Ms.Pea, maybe the sock could be in a small bag that you take when you go somewhere you might have to wait??? I find that helps with sss a lot. If I'm in the car (being a passenger!) I only have that sock to knit on, so I do. There's always bribing yourself with chocolate, or something else you love. A bribe each inch knitted! Would that do it??? Good luck. The yarn is lovely, and so is the finished sock! samm

  5. i like the colorwave of the sock . . . your blog is cute

  6. ok, I am a finsh the job knitter too, but have decided to let socks fall into an new catagory. other wise I would never knit another sock again!

  7. The thing to remember is that you are dealing with a self imposed rule; nobody is going to be hurt if you leave the second sock unknit. Let it sit and decide what it wants to be.
    Maybe you can do an experiment and knit the same sock top down.

  8. I am just like you - I cannot start something new until I have finished what I have started. However, lately I have had a huge case of the startitis, and i think it is keeping me up at night!

  9. Oh, I know how you feel. I actually have my first pair of toe up knee highs still on the needles from the winter (bad knitter). A little while in time out may be just the thing. You could always pick up up again...or not... ;)


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