Wednesday, July 18, 2007

plumber wisdom

Things I've learned this week:

+ Just because a tree was chopped down, that doesn't mean its roots will stop growing and invading various pipes under your house.

+ You haven't really cleaned until you've cleaned splattered raw sewage off the walls in your bathroom.

+ Plumbers are worth every penny you pay them. The plumber is your friend. Love the plumber. Even when he gets sewage on your bathroom walls.

That's all I have to say about that little episode. Walls scrubbed, beer consumed, case closed. I'm so glad it's over.

So among other things... I didn't actually run into a star-nosed mole in person, and I got that great photo from By "encounter" with the mole, I meant more of an abstract, public policy-related encounter. Nonetheless, I am in love, and it may be that the next felted creature you see showing up around these parts is the star-nosed mole. Wouldn't it be fun to knit the nose tentacles?? Or maybe it should be a sock monster. The possibilities... I am itching to go play with craft supplies.

But as for this Friday... I've got a pattern for an organic cotton baby cardi coming your way (I posted a progress shot recently along with a gripe about sewing seams - this one is top-down). It came out so well and was so much fun to knit that I decided to write it up and share it with all of you. I know how y'all love the cuteness.

Also, Saturday morning Heather Why and I stopped in at the Crafter's Flea Market. What a cool venue! Heather is a veteran of the CFM, but this was my first time. Imagine a flea market, in the parking lot of the local bead store, filled with local crafter/designers, all clearing out their inventory and their no-longer-needed craft supplies, at rock-bottom prices. It was great! I got lots of supplies (and some prizes). We are thinking about getting a co-op booth together for next time (we love to go co-op, you know). Wouldn't it be great to earn a bit of cash from your craft supply over-stock, and then use it to buy more craft supply stocks! Um... right? It seemed genius at the time, but now that I'm writing it down it sounds kind of silly. Well, stay tuned, it may yet happen.


  1. Oh the plumber is indeed your friend. That gave me nasty flashbacks to my childhood home. There were many "incidents." yikes. I'm glad things were straightened out and that you had beer on hand!

  2. oh golly. sorry about your plumbing problems. i have never been to the crafter's market but now i'm dying to go! especially after seeing scratch baking is there. i want some pie. xo

  3. oh my GAWD
    your run in
    so so sorry!

  4. Ugh. From someone who has also had to clean up gunk in the bathroom, I'm with you, sister! Plumbers are lifesavers! I'm looking forward to seeing your pattern! :)

  5. So nice. I can't wait to try it


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