Sunday, September 30, 2007

defenses down

Yuck, yuck, yuck. I have a terrible cold. This is maybe the most beautiful weekend of the year so far and I'm spending it snotty, grouchy and tired. I even had to go to work on Saturday, yuck of all yuck, despite my unearthly level of mucous, for a Board meeting which was compulsory for me and could not be rescheduled. While I should have been hibernating in bed, I was reviewing financial statements and saying over and over, "Hello nice to see you I'm not shaking hands because I have a cold."

But after all, it's not so bad. HWWLLB made two kinds of soup last night, and today I get to lay on the couch or sit on a lawn chair all day if I want to, drink all the tea I want and read books or knit mudpuppies. I finished sock #1 of the pumpkin vine socks last night, and I can't wait to share the pattern with you. It was so much fun and they're going to look great with fall clothes.

When you get sick, do you look for explanations why? I caught it from so-and-so, or it's because I stayed out late without a sweater on and it rained and I drank too much, or because I forgot to take vitamins and went to visit so-and-so and their preschooler is a walking petri dish, etc etc? Anyway, my explanation is stress. Too much going on and running runnning running all the time... my defenses were down and I foolishly hugged someone with germs (I think it was my dad) and then whammo! Unearthly mucous and ill-timed Board meetings. Yuck. I hope I haven't spread it to too many other stressed-out unfortunates.

So, as for the post about Ravelry the other day... I feel kind of guilty for starting a Ravelry love-in when much of the knitting population is 4,756,894,327,852,201st in line (right behind J). Perhaps the Ravelry is just a bit too much like sorority rush... (not that I'd actually know, because I was MUCH TOO COOL to care about something like rush, who cares? I mean really? What's the point?) But I will say it's still super-exciting to use it as design lab, and to see all the other wannabe designers like me getting such valuable feedback from other knitters (or at least, from the other knitters who are in their sorority). One day we'll all be there together, in that great big knitters' database in the sky.

Well, I'm off to make my 4,756,894,327,852,201st cup of tea and use my 4,756,894,327,852,202nd tissue. Keep your defenses up!

My man is a real man. Check out the quilt he just finished. This is the front:


And this is the back:


Real men quilt by hand.


  1. He makes soup AND quilts? Thank his momma, will ya? Hope you feel better soon!
    Amy in Durham

  2. OMG! DeLurking to say that that quilt is absolutely fantastic! I can't even get my busband to stand next to something crafty or open a can of soup. What talent he has. You're a lucky gal! Well, except for the cold. I hope you feel better soon!

  3. Is that "Storm at Sea"? And I love the random pieced back!

    As for germs..... 4 kids- 3 different schools plus I work at the Craft College, and Bill works at the University. That is 5 different cesspools of germs from which to draw. That's a lot of places to point fingers. I keep feeling like I should own shares in Kleenex.

  4. I don't think Ravelry is really much like a sorority rush, because rushing, from what I can tell, is all about making connections and impressing people. Ravelry is more like camping out for concert tickets. You just have to wait for your turn.

    Feel Better.

  5. Sorry to hear you're feeling crappy. Rest up and treasure that man of yours. He's definitely a keeper :]

  6. hope you
    feel better.
    hhwllb is

  7. awww, I exaggerated. there's only a few thousand ahead of me :-)

    you didn't make anybody feel bad- I like to hear about it, actually (insider reports!). appreciate it. I think Ravelry was a great undertaking- and a lot of work. it's a treat to look forward to- like a long weekend; something you just know is going be good.

    anyway, I'm happy- getting yarn to knit star nosed moles, the cutest little knitted guys in the world! from nice designers who share free patterns. you are cool! Way cool!

    great quilt. those bold colors- it looks like a man's quilt.

    hope you feel better.

  8. i'm having quilt envy. the man-quilt is fantastic !!!
    i always blame my colds, etc, on other people who don't wash their hands with soap and go around schmutzing everything up with their germs.
    at work, i just try to keep a healthy distance from anyone that might seem suspect.
    i hope you get well soon so you can enjoy this change in season (hmmm ... could that be the culprit ?).

  9. Your man is amazing for so many reasons - making you 2 different kinds of soup and quilting? amazing, you are a lucky woman. I hope all that tea is helping out and you recover speedily.

  10. i am totally amazed at the quilt. it is beautiful!

  11. You are sick too? Did I catch it from you when I left a comment last week? :)

    My man goes to CVS to get me dayquil... * sigh *

  12. hope you feel better soon, sweet pea. changing seasons... so good in so many ways, but too often come with some sort of mucous funk.
    and that quilt! wow. absolutely wow.

  13. I was floored at the man quilt, but I just cannot get over that it's hand-quilted! He SO rocks!

  14. aaaa...aaaaaaa......aaaaaaaaaa....choo! I too have had a horrible cold and sneezing all the time.. at work! Wait till you have a kid, you'll know exactly where your illnesses come from! btw, that quitl is ROCKIN! What a man!!! Rarr!

  15. That quilt is truly impressive! Hope you're feeling better by now. :)

  16. Wow - that quilt is STUNNING! Good man :) Dave is winding yarn for me at the moment, which is useful, but not as impressive...Hope you're feeling better soon!!!

  17. f.pea,
    feel better, my dear! i'm proud to say i have a quilting, soup cooking man as well. :) they're keepers, i do believe.


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