Sunday, December 30, 2007

goofing off at home

Hi there! Want to see our new house?


It's more of a temple, really. A gingerbread temple.


This is my sister's amazing Christmas gift to our family: an incredible gingerbread temple made from candies with flavors like tamarind and guava, with a big old gingerbread buddha meditating out front. Pretty neat, huh? Every year I tell her she should enter the National Gingerbread House Competition (especially since it happens here in North Carolina) -- maybe next year!

Sorry it's been so long since I posted -- like everyone else, I got a little busy with the baking, wrapping and all-night knitting marathons. But we had a lovely Christmas, and I really did get to sit back and enjoy it this year. We just got back from a trip North to visit my grandmothers and some aunts & uncles & cousins, and to eat at every shiny diner we got near. I tend to think North Carolina is just about perfect, but we could really do with some 24-hour baking-on-premises shiny diners (New Jersey, by the way, has the more diners than any other state - or nation! - in the world).

I still have some holiday knitting left to finish, since we'll be seeing HWWLLB's family next week, and there's at least one package that will be a Happy New Year gift for its intended recipient. But the Big Project, HWWLLB's Lopi sweater, is finished! Woo-hooo! Well, the knitting is finished, and I grafted the underarms on Christmas Eve when HWWLLB went out to deliver a pie to some friends. The ends still need weaving in, and it's in desperate need of blocking, but I actually gave him a finished sweater with no needles still attached on Christmas morning, and I have to say it wasn't easy, but it looks great. I'll post some pictures as soon as I can get him to model it (and after I've blocked it).

I hope you all are enjoying some lazy time at home with a little hot chocolate. There are two more days before I have to go back to work, and I intend to laze them away with little thought to 2008. Now off to prowl the internets and check out all of your winter projects...


  1. What a creative gingerbread creation! Good luck finishing up the holiday knitting (I'm in the same boat), and happy New Year!

  2. that gingerbread house has to be the coolest thing ever. i love it! so your whole FAMILY is creative?!?!?!

  3. Your sister is so clever! As clever as you are! The gingerbread temple should be entered in some contest, and it should win!!! Glad you had a rest and a great holiday (which isn't over, YAY!)and how great to give HHWLLB a finished sweater! Way to go!! Happy New Year, and health and happiness for 2008 are my wishes for you and yours. samm

  4. Happy New Year! I LOVE the gingerbread house - Whoah!

  5. Welcome back to blogland! Love the gingerbread temple. Have a terrific new year.

  6. i ate at shiny diners in NY, too. they really are amazing!


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