Wednesday, March 05, 2008

fresh air

I have been so grouchy and low-energy lately. It seems everyone in North Carolina is getting over the flu. HWWLLB and I have been spared (so far), though both of us have been sniffling and sleepy and I think fighting it off.

Yesterday I was working from home, and it had been raining on and off all day. As we drew towards evening, a huge storm was approaching, and as I stared out the window, I realized that I hadn't ridden my bicycle in ages.

So I grabbed the last snatch of daylight and sped down to the wetland near our house to visit the herons and the turtles. The sky was such a dark gray, with dramatic rolling clouds, and the wind whipping treetops in every direction. Only the herons seemed unfazed (you know how herons always act very cool).

As I pedaled home again it felt great to be outside in the fresh, early-spring air. I careened down the big hill behind our house with my unzipped jacket flapping behind me, like wings or a cape. It had been a long time since I'd felt that wonderful flying-downhill sensation.

Not enough exercise. I think that explains the tired, tired grouchiness. Today I got up early, got back into my yoga routine and biked into work. I feel like myself again.

In like a lion!


  1. I'm so glad you got to enjoy some of the curative powers that fresh air has to offer.
    I try to run outside at least once a week, and it really does wonders for your outlook.

  2. We have had two days of great weather up here. Windy but warm. Had some rain which we always need. My bike and my butt will never meet again. Glad you got out.

  3. the bike ride sounds so wonderful. i am feeling much the same way a lot these days... grouchy from lack of fresh air! this weekend's sun was so so good... now it's back to rain. i am counting the days till FL and sunshine and my bike! xox

  4. oh yes. there is nothing like a good bike ride after a while.

    or as one sticker says. "irritability means too much on your mind and not enough bike riding." :)

  5. I used your wildflower pattern stitch for a pair of toe-ups. Thye look great...thank you


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