Monday, May 12, 2008

never enough


I can't seem to get enough time with the yarn and needles lately. Going to Maryland last weekend with Bugheart, Sung-Ji and Katie made me realize how much I've been missing dedicated knitting time. Maybe it was the smell of fiber in the air, or the rush of fondling dozens of skeins of hand-painted, hand-spun yarns, or maybe it was just a day of fun with some knitter friends, but my knitter's heart is aching for more time with the craft.

Maryland Sheep & Wool was too overwhelming for me to tell you all about it, but it was both far more wonderful than I could have imagined, and kind of disappointing at the same time. The disappointment was my own fault though, for being underprepared for its hugeness. So many people everywhere, so many vendors with incredible fibers and tools, so many crying children begging to be taken home (MSW is no place for children!). After a couple of hours, I felt like one of those tired, overstimulated little kids, too.

One of the main things I had gone there to buy were some closures from Moving Mud. I've always drooled over them on the internet, but I really wanted to see them in person to figure out which to buy. But it was so sad... by the time I got to their booth, I was so overwhelmed that all I could do was stare stupidly at all the pretty things. So I walked away without any. Later I kicked myself for my weakness, but really, I was just in a daze. Maybe I should have just handed my money to someone else and asked them to pick one or two buckles out for me.

But later we went back to Bugheart's to fondle all our beautiful purchases, work on our projects and sip cocktails on the patio all afternoon. I wish I could spend every Saturday that way, relaxing and knitting with friends.

I got to do a decent amount of that this past weekend as well, especially since Sunday was a rainy, rainy day perfect for sitting on the couch with the yarn. But today is Monday, there is so much work to be done, and never enough time for knitting or relaxing with friends. The summer semester has begun as well, and I'm trying to gear up for my final semester (YES!) of being a full-time worker and part-time student.

Next year, I don't know whether I'll want to go back to MSW. Maybe by then I'll be ready for it again, but something tells me I might want to go smaller... and then today I got an email from the fine folks at the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair, here in North Carolina. Hm... I think I might be free that weekend...

yarn is calling


  1. Remember that kid who was screaming "But I'm hungry!" as we were just about to leave. Yeah, good times.

    I'm glad you made the trek up to the Maryland Sheep and Wool. You're fab and low-key even if you are a big shot knitwear designer and all. Here's hoping that there will be more fiber festivities to be explored in our futures!

    Go Bama!

  2. All of that yarn looks delicious - I can't wait for the MA sheep & wool festival. It's not as big as the others but still a lot of fun!

  3. I've always wanted to go to Md Sheep and Wool, but like you, I'm CERTAIN that I'd be overwhelmed! Maybe we could ride to SAFF together - Greensboro would be on your way, right? ;-)

  4. It was definitely a little overwhelming, but I managed to find my zen place by taking time out to photograph hordes of sheep : )

    Pretty, pretty yarn...

  5. I think you might have hit on the main reason I've not went to Maryland Sheep and Wool (or Rhinebeck). I have been to SAFF and Vermont Sheep and Wool, though, all of whom are comfortably small enough to be personal and large enough to do some serious damage to your credit card. :)

    That reminds me...I should work towards decreasing some of that stash I got from attending SAFF last time (two years ago).

  6. SAFF is just the right size ... still lots of yarn and fiber, but not overwhelming.

  7. it sounds so intense... i think i would be curled up in a ball from all the stimulation :)
    the knitting and cocktails on the porch with friends... now that sounds so so good. i need that too, i think.

  8. if only we
    could have
    butter pony!!!!


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