Tuesday, August 19, 2008

my happy place

hammock's beach 2

Saturday we went to the beach. Aaaaaaaahhhhh.

We had a beautiful day of lounging, swimming, splashing, strolling, birdwatching, people-watching and just loving the peace and quiet of a sunny summer day by the ocean. It felt wonderful.

After a leisurely day of healthy outdoor fun, we stopped at El's Drive-up in Morehead City for some not-so-healthy beach food. I had the fried oyster plate... and I'm sure my arteries are a few millimeters smaller as a result, but it was delicious.

el's drive-up

Who could resist a place where the entire menu is right on the sign, and the waitresses come right on out to your car?

The car trip out to the beach also gave me a few hours to make some progress on this blouse I've been knitting for myself, slowly, in between other projects.


It's really coming along now. I can't wait to wear it this fall -- I am really pleased with how the design is working out.

On Monday I met with a friend and she gave me a wonderful gift -- a guided meditation session. We spent about 45 minutes sprawled on my living room floor relaxing... deeper... deeper... about mid-way through the session, when we were doing emotional relaxation, we were told to imagine the most wonderful, relaxing place we have ever been, and to go there... can you guess where I went?

Here's a hint: there weren't any fried oysters afterwards this time. But if the meditation had included a "go to your greasy place" cue, I'm sure I'd have been right back at El's Drive-Up.


  1. Unfortunately, I go to my "greasy place" a little too often. LOL

    Glad you enjoyed the guided meditation. I'll be smiling about "greasy place" all day ----

  2. you eat
    i would
    the beach too-
    i miss it so!

  3. Ohhhh, oysters! But I love them on the half shell even more than fried.

    The beach is my favorite place, too. Love your picture!

  4. Will they still bring you cans of beer in the car? I always thought that was crazy funny.

  5. I love the shore... and there is just something about having something naughty to eat after a long day in the sand that makes the day absolutely special... I am always weak for fried oysters...Yum...

  6. Did you mention Hammock's Beach?! That's my favorite place in North Carolina. I just love it there. If you camp overnight you can get up in the morning and find some fabulous shells and sand dollars.

  7. you should have tried the shrimp burger my ant says thats what there known for., but what do I know I cant eat them! Its a great dive though...

  8. Love the feet! I took a similar pict standing at the end of the dock and Hubbie thought that it was one of the strangest photos I ever posted. Then I saw yours and said "SEE! I'm not the only one!"

    We all need time to find our happy place. The beach is such a good one.


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