Friday, October 03, 2008



It's been years and years since the last time I kept a journal, but I've returned to the practice lately. The blog is kind of like a journal, except so totally public. Some folks can write their deepest feelings on their blogs, but not me. I am much too private about myself for that.

All through high school and college, I always kept a journal, where I mainly kept a running commentary of boy-related drama (there was no actual romantic drama going on, so it took a lot of creativity for me to cultivate as much as I could inside my head). But I also wrote about books I was reading, places I visited, fears, hopes, and drew a lot of pictures.

For my break in August, my co-workers gave me a beautiful journal. I wrote about what I was reading, things I was learning in my daily yoga practice, hopes, fears, and of course, drew a lot of pictures. I had filled it up by the end of the month, so in September, I bought another journal.

My current practice is to write in it every night before going to bed. Sometimes I have something to get off my chest and write for pages and pages, but other nights I'm too tired to string a coherent sentence together. Either way though, I always make a list. My nightly ritual is to make a list of five things I'm grateful for. It's interesting how much it changes from night to night, and how many things repeat over and over.

Here's my gratitude list for this morning:
  1. hot tea on a cold morning
  2. knitting with wool again
  3. close friends
  4. health
  5. the joy of friday morning, with the wide horizon of potential stretching out in front of you before the weekend.


  1. What a wonderful practice. And what a wonderful list! I think my own would be much the same--autumn is finally really here, and I'm giddy with the thought of wearing warm wooly sweaters--as well as knitting some!

  2. That's an excellent way to remind ourselves how much we do have to be thankful for. I don't have a blog anymore but I'm thankful that people like you keep writing. Hot tea is right up there on my list too.

  3. I'm right there with you. I love fall, and I'm thinking about starting a journal myself, I also am too private for blogging too much info. Ahh, fall is the best time for contemplation!

  4. Wonderful idea! I used to journal all the time back in the BK (before Kids) days. I have been thinking of doing it lastely, but wonderf where to find the time.

  5. i keep a gratitude list on and off as well... reading this reminds me that this is a wonderful time to get back into it. when you are feeling down, it is so restoring to pick up those lists and be reminded of so much goodness out there.


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