Friday, November 21, 2008



I have been feeling so uncreative lately. My biggest creative act each day seems to be coming up with a new hot beverage to drink (this one is hot spiced cider).

During our staff meeting yesterday, we all shared our dream hot beverage ideas - if we could have an endless tap in the office dispensing our dream hot beverages all day.

J: Hot spiced cider, but not as sweet as regular cider, with some caffeine - perhaps a bit of black tea mixed in.

A: Glug -- a hot mulled wine and brandy concoction.

me: Home-made chai with just a little honey for sweetener, and a tiny shot of vanilla syrup.

B: Mulled cider!

Can you tell we're adapting happily to the cooler weather? It's been a bit colder than normal for us this November. This morning I woke up early and went outside to enjoy the sunrise through snow flurries. They're still falling as I write this. I love how they look against a dark background of pine trees, with no sun yet to reflect from them.

But on the uncreativeness thing... it seems to be a serious condition. I can't seem to knit for more than a few minutes. Whenever I want to bake something, I can't decide what and wind up ditching the project. This is very problematic with the holidays approaching!

The bright side is, I've had lots more time for reading, so I'm devouring books. One that I just read is A River Sutra, by Gita Mehta. She is one of my favorite writers of non-fiction essays, but this book of interwoven stories was just wonderful. I love books that take you away to another time and place, full of interesting smells, tastes and people. It was a heavenly read.

I just finished Atonement, by Ian McEwan. I know, I am so behind the times. But this is why I never go to the movies -- I really will read the book one day. I can't imagine the movie could have been anywhere near as good as the book. It was absolutely riveting. I couldn't put it down, and read the whole thing in about two evenings. When I did put it down, I couldn't sleep, and had to get up again to keep reading. I was fascinated by the narrative technique, which I won't spoil by giving it away, but it was just wonderful. I had trouble picking up a new book to read, because I was not ready to be done with this one and leave its world behind. I can't imagine anything else being as good.

I had to wait a few days, but I just started an Andrea Barrett book, the Forms of Water. Hopefully it will distract me from missing the characters in Atonement.

What are you reading (or creating) these days?


  1. Atonement is one of my favorites - and the movie is quite good, though it can't capture the story the way the novel does.

  2. hi there.

    your hot beverages sound so yummy. i haven't read atonement yet. yesterday, i revisited the principles of uncertainty by maira kalman and am currently reading a three dog life. i have andrea barrett's newest book on my nightstand. xo

  3. I am reading The Friday night knitting club.... It has an interesting story to it... but can't tell you it's a "can't put it down" one. At least not for me... Maybe you just need to find the right thing to kick your creativity... sometimes it's as simple as the break from it and a book that sparks it.

  4. I'm reading the Wind-Up Bird Chronicles by Haruki Murakami, and also Super Stitches Knitting by Karen Hemingway to try and create my own stitch combinations. I need to make ALL of your hto beverage concoctions...STAT

  5. I'm knitting Hey, Teach, and the cotton is starting to make my hands tired. But it's pretty.

    Last book: Three Cups of Tea. Good read, uplifting. Next book: A Thousand Splendid Suns. Book group keeps me reading, but yes, but we're a little behind the times!

  6. just passing through...I'm struggling to finish reading Love Walked In. I'm also knitting my first infant sweater, which may end-up as a vest if I ever get to the sleeves. Stay warm!

  7. Mmmm...I'm enjoying a hot cup of coffee at the moment, thinking about creativity. I think it ebbs and flows, expressing itself in myriad ways. You may not be knitting or baking much now, but you have the opportunity to connect with your creativity through literature, and that is just as valid.
    I am currently knitting Wicked like a fiend during the day and compulsively reading The Story of Edgar Sawtelle at night. It's not often that I am engaged in both activities!
    Enjoy this time and trust that your knitting and baking inspiration will return.

  8. I just finished Atonement last week. I couldn't agree more with your comments about it... I was totally swept up in the story (had me in tears a few times at least) I know what you mean about missing the characters :)

    I'm now re-reading The Time Travelers Wife, because I know that's a good read, but it's nearly finished, agh!

  9. mmmm. all those hot beverages sound wonderful. i think my dream would be hot cider with a kick :)
    i'm having the opposite problem... too many ideas and not enough time! i just got 2 new sewing books in the mail and sadly put them to the side until mid-december. wish i could send some of that sewing energy to you and trade you for reading time :) xox


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