Monday, January 05, 2009

knits past and future

2008 knits mosaic
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The 2008 knit parade! Unfinished projects not included...

These are most of the knitting projects I managed to finish in 2008. I am noticing a strong footwear theme... Here are some of the other statistics I noticed:

10 out of 12 projects were gifts for someone
6 of 12 projects include the color green
5 of 12 projects are for babes
9 of 12 projects are made primarily of wool
6 0f 12 projects were designed by me

What do all these wooly green gifts say about me and my knitting? What lessons should I draw in choosing projects for 2009?

I think my favorite projects, as far as knitting enjoyment, were the Cowgirl Butterfly Astronaut vest, and needle-felting the little carrot onto the Lunch Bag. I also enjoyed much of the Plum Blouse, though it took longer than my standard favorite projects, being grown-up sized and all.

So as for the year ahead... I'm planning on designing plenty more baby and kids' stuff. I also want to knit a Dr. G's Memory Vest for HWWLLB. And I want to experiment some more with sustainable yarns, like Habu Paper Ring and recycled sweaters. I also felt a real lack of toy-knitting in 2008. That must be remedied this year. I'm also totally in love with needle-felting, so I expect it will be popping up on more of my knits in the future.

For those of you who've knitted some of my free patterns, what do you want to see more of this year? I don't write up the patterns for everything I design, since that seems to take more brain-power than the knitting, most times, so I'd love to know what kinds of designs ought to get a front seat on the pattern-writing train. (Front seat on a train? Did that metaphor make any sense?)

I also plan on mixing more metaphors this year, and writing even longer run-on sentences than some of the doozies I wrote last year, if you get my drift, and I know you do, ha ha, so watch out.

I'm excited to see what the rest of you knitters have got in mind for the year ahead. Any special inaugural celebration knits in the works I wonder?


  1. what a beautiful and colorful year of knits you had. one of my goals this year is to better document my knitting :) and technique-wise, i think 09 is going to be the year that i finally get over my fear and learn fair isle!

  2. I'm not a knitter but I sure wish I was. Your pieces are wonderful and I think you should definitely stay with the green. I'd like to be able to make glazes that color for my pottery stones!

    I'll look forward to those run on sentences!

  3. I would love to see a pattern for a little girl's dress . . . I've knit a couple of your sweaters, the cardigan several times, and love them!

  4. Great knits! The Plum Blouse may have taken longer than anticipated, but it's so lovely. Happy New Year! :)

  5. Hi,
    I went to see the news and congratulated the work is beautiful !!!!!
    A great week,
    Sandra Coatti kisses ........


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