Tuesday, February 03, 2009

things i want to knit

It must be time for the change of seasons at the yarn designers. Pretty things keep catching my eye and making me dream of staying home all day with a hot cup of tea and the knitting needles click-clicking.

Last fall I started a vest for HWWLLB that went nowhere, partly because I was making up the pattern as I went along, and I didn't really have a vision for the vest that I was excited about. Then I saw the Angularity Vest from the new issue of Knit Circus:

elizabeth morrison's angularity vest

Isn't it snappy? This is so much better than the je ne sais quoi that I sort of had in mind last fall. If only there were time to knit this for Valentine's Day (I am definitely not that fast).

Also, I am stuck on open-front cardigans lately. I am really into the Open Cardi and the Empire Waist Cardi from Classic Elite's new spring 09 catalog, which is full of enticements. These two cardis unfortunately remind me of the Minimalist Cardigan that I started over a year ago for myself and never finished. I really should dig that out of the stash and finish it before I make something practically identical in another color. Another color, and another totally different and enticing yarn...

There's also this little bag of Blue Sky Alpacas Skinny Dyed organic cotton yarn sitting in the stash calling out to me. It would make a great little baby/kid garment, like a jumper or a little girl's A-line spring jacket. That would be fun to make.

Then there's also the oodles of things in my Ravelry queue... and on and on. I'm going to need to take a leave from work to do half the knitting I want to do for this spring. But it is nice to have ambitions, isn't it?

By the way, thanks so much for all of your congrats and thoughtful comments about the new baby on the way. I am excited about it, and also very grateful for the supportive community we have around us (geographically around, and on the big internet-world around). This is going to be a lucky baby.


  1. I also have tons of projects.. but right now, I am trying to focus only in baby knitting :)

  2. That Angularity vest really does look good. Elizabeth just keeps coming up with these patterns that make handsome men look even more so. If my DH would wear that, I would make it, too. As it is, I'm thinking that it'd make a good present for my dad next Xmas...


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