Monday, March 02, 2009

another snow day! toys!

another snow day 2

I can't believe it. A snow day in March!

Most winters we are lucky to get even one little dusting of snow - this is our third snowstorm of the year! And in March, no less!

Truthfully, I am itching to get the garden going and to spend breezy warm spring days outside, but I can't complain about snow. It's so magical and wonderful.

Yesterday it rained all day, and we spent the day tearing our house apart, de-cluttering, re-arranging, and trying to make room for another human being in our stuffed-full little house. My workspace is moving across the house, and I had occasion to look through my yarn stash with fresh eyes.

I tend to keep my yarn stash to a minimum - I am pretty good about using what I buy and not buying stuff I don't plan to use anytime soon (except for the sock yarn - let's not talk about that. It's an illness). So I was pretty pleased to see that my most recent de-stashing effort had been pretty well maintained.

But goodness, do I have a lot of single and partial skeins! As we cleaned and organized and re-arranged yesterday, I was mulling over what to do with them all, and I'm thinking that perhaps this spring will become a festival of knitted toys at my house. I have more than enough remnants for a whole ecosystem of little critters, populated by stuffies, woodins and owls, tended by a little rainbow fleet of Korknisser.

Any favorite toy ideas to suggest? I'm definitely hoping to design a few new ones, too. Send your requests!


  1. The Toadstool Baby Rattle - And because I am a total geek - the toy DNA double helix from Kimberly Chapman Plus some random mushrooms to go with your woodkins etc - oh and gnomes.

    BTW - the conservationist that you are - cloth diapers? You could be knitting cute little soakers and pants to cover cloth diapers.

  2. That owl pattern is the cutest!

    You also could knit some fruit and veggies. Those are cute toys for kids and would use up leftovers from your stash.

    Do it now--because once the kid is here, you will have no time! Thank god others are knitting for my son because I have no time to!

  3. No suggestions for knitting, but I too am itching to garden!

  4. Check out more of the patterns at MochiMochiLand. I love them. I've also knit a Pasha and a Sheldon. Knit toys are a lot of fun, but you have to be up for the seaming! :-)

    Although, I totally second the suggestion of knitting soakers if you are going to cloth diaper. They are so addictive.

  5. i can't wait to see what you come up with. i have got ridiculous numbers of lonely skeins or 2 running around the place :)


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