Monday, April 06, 2009

hello again

dandelion hill
dandelions in downtown raleigh

Sorry it's been so quiet here. My internet was down for a while. I finally have it fixed tonight and decided to just share some photos from the days and weeks since I last posted.

spring onions from the garden

happy little seedlings staying warm in the greenhouse

fig buds
buds on the fig tree

wisteria buds on the railing behind our building at work

I hope everyone is enjoying some taste of spring. More soon.


  1. thinking
    of you.
    hope you
    all are
    doing great!

  2. Bud on fig trees. Sigh. I think that I said the same thing last year.
    And it looks like you have broccoli seedlings? They don't mind the cold so if you are able to plant lettuce, your broccoli will be fine.

  3. it's so nice to see signs of that kind of spring - We still have snow in the ground.... But you can see patches of grass already - so spring is coming - slowly.
    I like visiting your blog although I never leave any comments . Thought it was time to break the silence.


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