Saturday, May 30, 2009

trying not to wait

the first cucumber
waiting for cucumbers

What I'm doing right now instead of waiting around...

writing grant proposals

cooking, a little, with tasty things from the garden

clearing out the freezer

enjoying the garden with HWWLLB (he works, I watch)

knitting diaper covers

reading a lot:
  • Virginia Woolf, Mrs. Dalloway
  • Michael Cunningham, The Hours
  • Willa Cather, One of Ours
  • Pam England & Rob Horowitz, Birthing from Within
  • George Downing, The Massage Book
  • Monica Ali, Brick Lane
sleeping a lot

practicing yoga

practicing meditation

finding little chances to enjoy friends (between grant proposals and naps)

writing in my journal

fantasizing about craft projects (but mostly not doing them)

So far so good. I feel very patient. Now if only the well-meaning phone calls would stop interrupting my non-waiting ("Hi, are you in labor yet?"), maybe I could get some of these craft projects underway...


  1. Your cukes are close to being pickles,mine are still seeds.

    I well remember the waiting game for my first. I finally put a message on the machine (updated daily- No labour, no baby, if you are on the list, we will call you, if you think that you may not be on the list, leave your name and number and we will add you an CALL YOU!!!!)
    Best labour advice...relax. Sounds counter intuitive when things start to hurt, but I did some experimentation and contractions actually hurt much less when I was consciously relaxing. That and a lot of creative visulizations of lotus blossoms opening. Hokey, I know, but my labour was 6 hours. I also spent a lot of time relaxing in a nice warm tub.

    Good luck to you!

  2. Birthing from Within is an amazing book. Reading it was an epiphany with my second.

    As far as cukes are waiting now. You will be overwhelmed in August with nine billion cukes and will be waiting for the plant to be done.

    Enjoy your time.

  3. Hi Fawn. It's Beverly. I learned my lesson about making "that" phone call many years ago. The first of my good high school friends to get pregnant had had enough of the million calls. Of course none of us had had children yet so we didn't realize how annoying that phone call could be. At one point when i called her she started crying and threatned to throw herself into oncoming traffic if we called again. Learned my lesson. I just can't believe you two little kids are having a kid. I'm just so darn happy for you.

  4. i heart
    baby gherkins.
    what a great
    reading list...
    i see a pattern.
    you are
    so patient.
    i try not
    to pester you
    and interrupt
    your crafting.


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