Sunday, June 14, 2009

distracting socks


One of the downsides of stockinette stitch is that it doesn't do much to occupy one's mind.

The baby is getting to be rather overdue (almost 2 weeks now), and I am doing my best (which isn't always very effective) to find things to keep my mind occupied. Work threw some interesting things my way last week, but they don't fill every minute. I have a good book, but it's going to end eventually. Both the sloth and the little baby top I'm making are basically nothing but endless rounds of stockinette stitch at this point - no help at all.

The color patterns I was working on last week were a lot of fun, and very distracting, but then I finished what I was doing with them and that was the end of that (I made a bunch of beer cozies and coasters as a birthday prize for a friend - and I will say that they came out quite cute).

So I looked through my queue on Ravelry to find something do-able (because I have no creative brain cells available at the moment), but complicated enough to keep my mind occupied. Then it hit me - fancy socks! Komet is the answer. And a handy opportunity to de-stash a little sock yarn.

This is a great pattern - it's an absolutely wonderful design with alternating panels of cables and lace that you do actually have to pay attention to to keep from screwing up, but straightforward enough that I also don't have to think too hard to do it. Just right!

I dug out a couple of balls of Plymouth Happy Feet in a wonderful variegated plum color that provides nice eye candy while working, and I have been happily knitting away on these since last night. Thank you, fancy socks! Maybe vigorous sock knitting will help induce labor...


  1. i am pretty sure a complicated sock pattern will bring on labor....probably right before you start the second toe decreases. that is just my two cents. thinking good labor thoughts your way. :)

  2. Our first was 10 days late, and then took his time showing up after labor started. He's still not the most punctual, 21 years later! But I love him to pieces.

    Enjoy these last moments of calm. Go take a nap!

  3. Good luck! Sending "hurry up" thoughts your way!

  4. Try cooking for the freezer- so after the 'ARRIVAL" there is something in the house to eat that doesn't need to be cooked-
    Good luck - try walking!

  5. It is all your fault that I am going home to cast on a new pair of socks tonight. *grin*

  6. I just posted a comment on the cowgirl butterfly astronaut vest page but don't know how much you keep track of comments on old posts so thought I'd come say hi here too. I've been following your blog for a while but probably haven't commented because I'm bad about that.
    Just wanted to say hope that your baby doesn't keep you waiting much longer and that in the meantime the distractions work. Wishing you a joyful and healthy labor and delivery!

  7. June 14 is a great day to be born! I know, 'cause I was. Happy birthday to you and baby whenever it happens. samm

  8. My 93-year-old grandmother advised me to crawl around on the floor to induce labor with my kids. It worked...once. ;-)


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