Sunday, December 13, 2009

early morning

It's early. Sunrise is still a little ways off, and I am sipping a cup of tea at the kitchen table, enjoying some quiet.

I have lost a lot of free time: time for yoga, time for knitting, time for reading long beautiful novels. But this is one kind of time that I have gained: very quiet time, alone, with a warm cup of tea and a cat beside me. There is a little warm spot on my neck where a baby was recently curled, and I am looking forward to sunrise, when she really wakes up, and I will pick her up and bring her to look again at the Christmas tree, and she will be delighted, all over again.

It is very peaceful.

If I had worries, they would fill this space.

Instead, I look at my list of to-do's, and notice that one of them says, "relax." I decide to do that one.

I sip my tea, poke about in my knitting basket a bit, and hear a little voice waking up down the hallway. Another morning, just beginning.


  1. Sweet peaceful morning reflections. I too am enjoying a peaceful morning with a cup 'o tea and my own musings. But I am an old woman whose children are grown with kids of their own. The warm cozy feeling never goes away, you matter how old. I knit and quilt and sew and enjoy following your blog. Thank you.

  2. Sounds wonderful! Good on you for finding some 'you' moments.

  3. beautiful.
    wish i could
    sit with
    i'll be quiet.


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