Tuesday, October 25, 2011

fiber fun weekend

PR Llama
seymour the PR llama

I had a lovely time at S.A.F.F. 2011, the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair! Snuggling with cute llamas and alpacas (like Seymour here) was one of the unexpected treats of my weekend.

This was my first time at SAFF, since normally our family camping trip falls on the same weekend. I've been looking forward to this event ever since the spring, when the camping trip date was announced and I realized I'd be able to go! YAY!

SAFF Schwag 2
sock yarn from Kitchen Sink Dyeworks

In the past, sheep & wool festivals have been all about yarn shopping for me. At SAFF this year I decided to spend my money on workshops instead (well okay I did buy some yarn and stuff). But mostly it was learning. I took a workshop on steeking with Aimee Abernathy, which was lots of fun. I learned how to steek! I loved it! Now I'm dying to cut up all the knitting I can get my hands on! Almost! As soon as I got home I unraveled half of the vest I made recently for the Little Pea and started reworking the top half to have steeked armholes. That's how much fun steeking is!

But even better than steeking... Spinning!

Robyn shows us the wheel

Oh, spinning. It's so wonderful. The instructor, Robyn Josephs, was amazing. First we learned how to spin with a drop spindle. Then we got on the spinning wheels and went crazy. After three hours, I was completely hooked. I left the class walking on air, and grabbed some roving and a drop spindle to take home.

SAFF Schwag 3
merino top dyed by Lunabud Knits

Spinning lit up some very primal neurons way down deep in my brain. It was such a meditative, all-encompassing activity. You can't think too much, or you'll mess it up. You have to let your fingers think for themselves, your feet pedal by themselves, and get your thinking part of the brain out of the way so that the intuitive part can take over. I need more of that kind of serenity in my life.

Now I just need to save up for a spinning wheel.

And I'm thinking that maybe when I grow up I'll get a little farm and populate it with adorable Jacob sheep. Really, could they be any cuter??

SAFF critter 1


  1. What a lovely and super cute blog post. Thank U very much.

  2. I live in Charlotte, NC and went to SAFF this year too! It was my first time there and what an awesome time my knitting friends and I had!! Glad you got to go there too!

  3. Not to harsh your mellow in the least, but you will be happier and get better results with a spindle not made out of a toy wheel. Tracy does a very nice one at a reasonable price (http://www.woollydesigns.com/spindles/producti.htm) and my Comet would be all I needed if I were sensible.
    But I do also love my Forrester (http://www.the-wheel-thing.com/products/Spindles/TF9A.jpg) and my Goldring if you want to splash out more. It would be good if you could try some different weights, too. Dyakcraft spindles are great for luxury fibers but not so good for me on wool. The worst problem with drop spindles is their collectibilty... such pretty tasty bits of art.

  4. Oh, and nearly everyone I know who got a Joy never needed another wheel, unless they got big into production. Love my Ashford Joy.

  5. I really liked ... that beautiful animal ...


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