Wednesday, June 14, 2006

veggie bounty

I love Tuesday nights.

On Tuesdays I leave work promptly at 5 to go to yoga class - probably the only night of the week I make it out of there so early. And after yoga, it's always time to celebrate another load of fresh produce from the farm. Tuesday is the day Billie and I pick up our weekly share of veggies from the CSA farm where we're members.

This week's haul: you can see the kale and strawberries in the foreground. Then you have some tender spring onions, the first zuchinni of the season, a big bag of romaine lettuce, a small purple cabbage and a small green cabbage (all organic, natch). Yum!

The strawberries have been particularly bountiful this year. Every week Farmer Fred says, "This is definitely going to be the last week for the strawberries," but every week there are more. I think it must be the cool, rainy May and June we've had so far. I know this is probably the last batch of them - for real - so I will extra-super enjoy them. But soon, it will be time for the Queen of All Fruits, the wee-yet-mighty blueberry!

Last night I cooked up all the zuchinni for dinner, since HWWLLB was out of town. Squash is his worst vegetable enemy (though he has many others). I like to slice them in long, thin strips and saute them with olive oil and LOTS of black pepper. Then I pretend they're veal or something and eat them with pasta and tomato sauce. It was delicious.

And of course, a strawberry hot fudge sundae for dessert. See how healthy it is to join a CSA? You could be healthy like me, too.

Enough bragging about my Extremely Healthful Dinner. Here's a little progress picture of the lacy baby wrapper thing I'm making:

fancy schmancy, ain't it?

It's been a very enjoyable project - just a few more rows of the green, a nice border, and it will be finished. I'm thinking of making a little hat to match, too. I'll have to share the recipe for this one on a Free Pattern Friday when it's all done. Speaking of which... keep your eyes peeled, because I'm going to be posting a new pattern this week!


  1. I can't wait for that pattern on "free Pattern Friday". My friends are getting pregnant!

  2. those
    fresh veggies
    the schmancy
    baby wrapper
    looks difficult
    so beautiful!

  3. an optical illusion - this lace is SUPER easy. i can do it while watching movies, which for me is quite a feat.


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