Friday, December 08, 2006

many works in progress

Thanks to all of you for your sweet and supportive comments about the becoming-a-homeowner post. I apologize for not responding to you with an email, because I really do appreciate your kind words & thoughts. This is a week of many works in progress, so I hope you will excuse me for my inattentiveness.

The main work is moving. So... many... boxes. There are boxes everywhere, and yet so much still needing to be packed. I keep bumping into them and tripping over them; they are multiplying like big cardboard bunnies.

I am also cramming the final unit of my biostatistics class and trying to get the final exam finished which happens to be due... Monday morning. Did I mention that was moving day? tee-hee. Oh look, another gray hair!

But there are nicer works in progress, too.

I have finally got some buttons for the mossy jacket, which will go to its intended recipient on Saturday. It has been sitting around finished-but-buttonless for weeks. Here is just a peek - I am hoping to post the pattern for a Free Pattern Friday before December is out.

peek at mossy

Thanks to a two-day meeting I just got out of, I am about 3/4 through a pair of socks for HWWLLB's dad for Xmas.

Socks in progress

On this final one, please brace yourself for the killer cuteness. I have another colleague with a new baby, so I made some booties with the leftovers from the Wildflower socks:

killer cuteness

Oh, did I mention that another close friend is about to give birth? Righto... so the requisite Blue Skies Organic Cotton just arrived in the mail from Kpixie... I have a great little pullover forming in my mind that I can't wait to get started on... just as soon as we're out of the old house and into the new one. Christmas break can't come soon enough.

This will be my final post until after we're done with moving and the exam is turned in. Til then!


  1. good luck with the final and the move you incredibly brave woman!!! And that jacket is breat taking, and yes, killer cuteness with the mini booties!!!! Gaw! I too have a final next week, for the EMT class I have been taking. I'll have to save people's lives with what I learned in just 4 months! Scary, no?!

  2. I love the jacket and look forward to the pattern being released. Those baby booties are just tooooo cute!!! Best of luck with the final and the move!

  3. Congrats on the new house! Boy, I've been out of it. I come back, you have a house & a new look for your blog (which looks great, by the way!).

    Take a few deep breaths every once in a while. You'll be ok. As for the greay hair, that's why hair color exists! :-)

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  5. I need to learn how to make socks.. those tiny ones are TOO CUTE!


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