Friday, December 01, 2006

holiday feelings

It's finally December! I am so ready for the holidays to be here.

We are going to be moving in the middle of December (more on that later), so I am really struggling with the holiday craft plans. On the one hand, I am yearning to spend cozy evenings with the hot glue gun, beeswax, yarn and bamboo needles, glitter, vintage fabrics, anything crafty. I have a million little piles of supplies and a million ideas that probably won't get put to use because there simply won't be the workspace or the unpacked boxes to let me do it. *sigh*

On the other hand, coming up with projects that I can do despite the move has been kind of fun, too. So far I have some good ones in mind, but I can't tell them because you never know who might be reading...

One thing I am not going to do is buy stuff. Well, okay, I have one or two purchases to make, but Christmas-time is too busy with events (and everyone I know too overloaded with stuff already) for me to spend valuable crafting time shopping. This is really not meant to diss those of you who will be doing your Christmas shopping at the Gap, because I know that your giftee is going to appreciate your generosity and use whatever lovingly-chosen item you get them. It is the thought that counts, whether you make your effort fighting crowds at the mall and selecting the perfect item (for which you deserve a medal) or fighting those long strings that come off the hot glue gun. This is more of a personal thing with me - I have a pathological aversion to buying things (some people call it being "cheap," and I don't think I can argue with that).

So to veer back from that tangent... I am really excited about the holidays. I am dying to bake and craft, and fantasizing about making fun advent calendars like this one (is having kids required? Maybe someone would lend me one). I also want to make ornaments for the tree, decorate cookies, sew Christmas stockings for our mantel, and do it all while sipping mulled cider with HWWLLB and listening to John Coltrane (Christmas music is one part of the holidays that I don't get excited about).

So what kinds of craft projects are you all making this year? I want to know about your good ideas (and maybe steal them).


  1. craft ideas:
    i should probably spend more time sewing than knitting or crocheting, because i can execute a sewing project faster. and i can execute a crochet project faster, which leads to the crochet elf slippers. though, i would rather be bragging that all my gifts came from stash, which i am going to make a personal goal for next year.
    i want to make needle cases for some friends, or at least some little zipped pouches or bags for notions and accessories. and, i want to make some of those absolutely cute sock creatures ! i don't have a hot glue gun, but i do have an "embossing" gun ... it's like a little hot blow dryer, but more hot than blow, as to not blow your embossing powder everywhere. and then, there's always the shrinky dinks! and, i could make stitch markers!!!
    good luck with your making. i have a feeling i am aiming high. i don't usually function well this time of year. i am full of good intentions though. it's the thought that counts ... right?!

  2. Moving ..... in December,,,,,!!!!! Must .. drink...eggnog!!!
    Really. Good luck with that. And as for craft ideas. I like temari balls. In fact I LOVE temari balls. Everything that you need to know is at . Just surf around and make sure you have plenty of tissues around to mop up the drool.

  3. My craft projects will be crochet xmas gifts and now that its December... I am like ohh nooo i'm running out of time... my projects are 3 hat & scarf sets, 4 Cardi (which may become vests...hehe), 1 Sweater and 2 of my nieces want slippers, never did slippers, so I must get a pattern and get a head start on those.. and wanted to make some xmas stockings.

  4. greeting from
    the other
    it's much
    better over here!
    can't wait to
    see the new place.
    wish we lived closer
    so i could help you
    with your move
    and spend
    many a cold
    and chatting
    with you
    over tea.
    not fair
    that you
    so far away-

  5. I really wanted to make more handknitted gifts this year, but the time constraints killed me!

    And i have to be very careful, because some family members get jealous if their gifts are not as complicated as others.

    Oh the trials that come with knitted gifts!


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