Tuesday, November 28, 2006

wrapper wrongs

So... we have a new look going on here. I had some wrapper issues over the weekend. I miss the old wrapper, but it seems to have died some sort of scrambled electronic death. I'm now on the hunt for the New Look, but in the mean time you'll be enjoying this Other Look, courtesy of the contributers over in the Templates division of Blogger. (And BTW, if you are a web designer, I need your talents!)


  1. i am not the queen of html, but, someone once suggested to me to set up a "play" blog ... one to experiment with ... so you don't f*ck up your "real" blog.
    there's things i'd like to change on my blog, but i don't know how ... so, i think i will set up a dummy blog sometime.

  2. If you do a search for blogger templates, there are a few sites with free templates. They tell you how to use them.

    Will you be at SnB Wed? I'm going to be there. It would be nice to see you and catch up.

  3. I wish I were a web designer... I want to do so many different things with my blog - like the header...

    So good luck! As long as i see the fpea logo, I know where I am.


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