Friday, November 10, 2006

giveaway day

The celebration of the f.pea one-year blogiversary continues with a giveaway!

But first, if you haven't joined up with the Craft of the Year group and posted your bestest craft, hurry over! I am dying to see your hot stuff. Check out a little sampling of the Craft of the Year finery currently to be seen in this group:

clockwise from the top left: creations from jaypeg, saunshine, me and tomate d'epingles.

Are you inspired yet??? I know I am. Jaypeg's monsters are making my fingers itch to sew up some sock monsters. I am a little behind on my sock monster plans, but I have just received an incredible bag of fabric scraps via the delightful Gray la Gran and I hope to put them to good use for some toy-making very soon. More on that later...

Right now it's time for FREE STUFF!

I have been cleaning out my craft supplies, and these goodies are up for grabs by the first commenter to claim them. Please leave me your email address so that I can get up with you about a shipping address. Enjoy!

scrapbooking/book-making supplies - taken!

a set of 3 fiskars eyelet setters/hole punchers and 8 sets of eyelets. i had fun accidentally smashing holes in my kitchen table with these things. this package would be kind of heavy, so this is the only one that i won't ship outside the US (unless you'd like to pay shipping).

wire-bending jig - taken!

i must admit that i have never used this thing and am not quite sure how it works. it might be an exciting treasure for people who make jewelry or other stuff with wire.

mini jars

these are ten little plastic jars that are supposed to be for storing tiny items, but what they're really great for is tubs of home-made lip gloss - perfect for Xmas gift-making!

paints - taken!

eight tubes of acrylic craft paint in different earthy colors. they have all been opened but i haven't used much of any of them.

If there are any supplies here that you'd like for your holiday craft-making fun, they are yours!


  1. Happy Blogiversary!!!! WOW! That jig looks cool!! My email is mommymoshpit at and that would be sweet for using up some of my beading stuff!!! Thanks f.pea!!!

  2. Okay---I've never seen one of those hole puncher kits for eyelets---but they make my crafty DNA light up. Could I please have them? My email is eapixATyahooDOTcom.
    P.S. What did you use them for?

  3. hooray
    for blogiversaries!
    can't take anything...
    i still have to get
    rid of the crap
    in your attic!!!


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