Monday, November 20, 2006


More new babies! There are so many new babies in our circle of family and friends that it's hard to keep up. All my Xmas knitting plans (socks for all!) seem to be fading farther and farther into the distance, but the new-baby knitting is right on track.

This is something I must understand about myself: I love knitting for babies and little kids - much more than for grown-ups. The projects are finished so quickly, babies are just not at all picky about colors or styles, and they look so great in hand-knits. I think it's also a way to create a bond with my friends' kids who live far away, since I don't get to see them very often (of course when I do see them, they keep asking me when I'm going to knit them another sweater...).

I'm feeling particularly inspired lately by the mellow late-fall colors. This photo is a little peek at a newborn cardi that I'm making for a colleauge's new baby. The colors of the yarn look so much like the cool, relaxing late November landscape (so beautifully documented here and here and here).

I'm also feeling inspired by some cardis I've seen lately with their buttons down the side instead of the middle. There was a lovely one that a blogger did recently (I wish I could remember who...) and then when I went to the LYS to get the yarn for this project, there was another hanging in the shop. So I am making this up as I go along - hopefully it will come out just the way it looks in my mind's eye.


  1. oooh
    i love
    that sweater!
    can you make
    it in gwen-size?

  2. Yes---baby gifts! I make a lot of baby quilts---and go totally nuts with colors and design. I'm sure I'm impairing their future ability with color theory! I made a baby quilt for my nephew and it became his favorite blanket---wouldn't sleep without it. A true compliment to my crafting!

  3. A tantalising glimpse of something that looks verrrry cute.

  4. those colors are beeeutiful! Such a sweet gift... and thanks for the link... I really loved the frized leaves pic!!!

  5. I have been missing from the blogging world lately. unfortunately the holidays does that to me.

    So this is me catching up... expect a few more emails tonight :)

    I love the colors on that sweater. And I love baby knitting- makes project satisfaction come so much sooner!


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