Monday, November 06, 2006

bhangra monday

I was over on the YouTube last night watching bhangra videos in order to improve my dance moves (yes, all my biostatistics homework is done), and I just wanted to share my favorite one with you. HWWLLB says it's better than ZZ Top.

If you like this one, go check out the hilarious big-group videos of students that look like they were choregraphed by Paula Abdul. They make me want to start a dance team.


  1. seriously, if i were not at work, I would start practicing these moves.


  2. yes, better than the Top, but where's the fly girls?

  3. I need the girl moves! Hehe, but seriously... is he using real sign language? Cause I saw "friend," "stop," and "go."

    Maybe I'm getting into the baby sign language a little too much. ;^)

  4. Oh this made me happy... The thought of starting a dance troup at this point in my life would seriously rock... I make have to look up some classes at my local community center, heh. thanks...


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