Wednesday, April 04, 2007

kale and a big bunch of narcissus

That's what I brought back today from the Farmers' Market. The downtown Wednesday market is back - hooray! Here's the bouquet I bought, brightening my desk at work, and making my office smell like heaven:


Until last year, we didn't really have a farmer's market in town, except that we did. We have a big giant Official State Farmer's Market with big sellers of wholesale produce, but nothing organic to speak of, and many sellers who are just peddling wholesale produce from wherever.

Last summer our Downtown Alliance coaxed a group of local organic growers to start selling at a Wednesday market in the park just 2 blocks from my office. It became a lunch-time tradition on Wednesdays to go with some friends to pick up a baguette and locally-made cheese, a tomato and some basil and lettuce and eat a little local, organic feast for lunch. How I've missed it all winter!

Today I was there bright and shiny on opening day, with my bouquet and my kale proudly in hand. HWWLLB bought some beautiful rustic bread and fresh mozarella. I can't wait til next week!


Can you stand more exciting news? Today was also our first harvest from the garden. Swiss chard! We'll have some lovely braised chard with our dinner of carrot soup tonight. I also spent about fifteen minutes picking many little green caterpillars off the broccoli (those butterflies are such traitors). I hope that birds enjoy them, they were nice and plump from feasting on my brassica.

I'm really enjoying getting to know my Sew Green compatriots. I love their posts and the incredible diversity of topics and ideas so far. Soon we'll be settling in to regular themes (I hear a rumour that water is going to be theme #1), but for now we're all over the map, and I love it. It's been great fun to spend some time on their home blogs as well, reading about the Dutch Girl's adventures with Project Runway and blurriness with Shari and Lisa.

One other thing: I love these letters between Amisha and Melissa. They have opened my eyes a little wider to the place we inhabit as well.

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  1. so jealous of your bounty! it is back to winter here, we knew it had to happen. all the daffodils are face down in the dirt... brrrrr...


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