Sunday, April 01, 2007


I was thinking about an April Fool's post today, but decided to spare you. These were some of my ideas:
  • Photos of the new car I got HWWLLB for his birthday: an H2.
  • Couldn't decide whether to spend my tax return money on ChemLawn or botox.
  • I've quit knitting (too stressful) and taken up golf. Backslid and knitted myself some club covers.
  • Checked into rehab and met Nicole Richie. She's awesome. We gave each other manicures.
  • Twisted an ankle while hiking with HWWLLB, then ran off with cute park ranger who rescued me. HWWLLB is bereft, but the park ranger is a hottie so I don't care.
Aren't you glad I spared you that nonsense?

Instead, I went on a little tour of the backyard with my camera. Moving into a house that was someone else's for fifty years is kind of a treat. We moved in December, so I have been looking forward to spring, to find out what was tucked into these old flowerbeds. Here's what is popping out right now:

This is a long flowerbed that spans the width of the backyard, along the back fence. It's currently full of sorrel and snowdrops.

We'd been wondering what color the azaleas would be - there are a lot of them. Apparently all hot pink!

This vigorous jessamine has actually been blooming on and off since January.

There are Johnny Jump-ups all through the lawn. These are along the driveway.

Dandelions, natch. I love a happy dandelion.


The dogwood tree is new. This was my sister's birthday gift to HWWLLB. Isn't she thoughtful? They are beautiful in the spring, but I love dogwoods best in the fall when they are blazing auburn - I can hardly wait!


  1. What a wonderful surprise! I've heard of horror stories up here in the frozen north about what was covered up with snow when a house was bought. I had a friend who kept calling her husband at work and crying over what the melting snow had revealed that morning.
    You have a beautiful back yard! Can I come sit among your flowers? Mine are all still frozen!

  2. yay for the inherited landscape!! and flowers already, you lucky girl you!! but the golf club covers... bhaw ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  3. What a lovely backyard. Always nice to move into a place someone cared for.

  4. what lovely surprises! and that dogwood... beautiful... such a good gift.

  5. Thanks for sparing us the jokes. You and botox? HWWLLB and an H2? I don't I would have believed them anyway. I like the pictures much better. Nature is pretty.

  6. even though i am glad you spared us, a pic of an H2 would have been hysterical. The idea alone had me giggling at my desk during lunch.

    love the jessamine btw.

  7. My sister got me so good again this year as she always does. This year it was an environmental pyramid scheme that she had invested in.

  8. The azaleas are beautiful. I can't wait for it to warm up here so I can put some plants out on my balcony.

  9. Looks like you might be needing some nice culinary herbs- especially the evergreen ones like rosemary, curry, sage, thyme, and lavender. I just love looking out the window in winter and seeing green in the yard.

    If you're interested in somewhat less evergreen plants, I've got some yummy strawberries that make runners faster than weeds, and butterfly ginger (hedychium coronarium - it attracts the giant hummingbird moths, spreads fairly quickly, flowers in fall up until a heavy killing frost, smells heavenly, but dies back and looks yucky in the winter).


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