Monday, March 26, 2007


Tomorrow is HWWLLB's birthday. In celebration, I decided to knit him a cupcake (using the adorable pattern from One Skein). Not to mention there's a toy knit-a-long going on right now (ahem).

Green! I like green. HWWLLB likes green. So I cast on for the cup part using some leftover green cotton. And of course, it needed to be a chocolate cupcake, because chocolate is one of HWWLLB's favorites (though I have to say, the man is not picky about cake).

Do you know what you get when you combine a green cup with a chocolate cake top? Here's a hint:


Look closer...


You get a momerath.

I couldn't help it. I wanted a cupcake, but the momerath just took over. I think its spirit was already inhabiting that fluffy fur yarn. Or maybe it was those mushrooms in the lasagna last night...

Now I think I'll have to make a whole village of them.

P.S.: Can't you just see them here?


  1. so cute! Happy birthday to HWWLLB

  2. So cute! I love how the simple addition of the face can make something so different!

  3. I only started reading your blog recently. What does HWWLLB stand for?

    Happy birthday, HWWLLB! Cute cupcake.

  4. Love the momerath. Love him. Sooo want to be doing the toy knit-along. Alas, I have five uteri to be knitted by the end of the week...Perhaps that counts?

  5. amazingly cute!
    i want to be surrounded by a sea of knitted cupcakes. one day...

  6. hee hee hee! a village would be awesome!!! love the link too!

  7. Too Cute! I can see a whole family in different sizes and colours! How fun.


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