Thursday, March 01, 2007

pullover progress

Slowly but surely, the pullover is coming along. Back on February 1st it was just a couple of rows of ribbing, packed into my carry-on bag and harboring big dreams for the idle hands on airplane after airplane. It did grow on the plane rides, but of course my idle moments never yield the yardage that I dream they will. But I'm approaching the finish line now; I can almost taste the sweet nectar of sweater-completion...


I like this bottom-up method of sweater knitting, despite some of its obvious problems (like not being able to try on the garment til the very end). I especially enjoyed the part when you join the sleeves-knit-in-the-round to the body-knit-in-the-round. It was worth pausing over this moment in the construction to record the last moment that sleeves and body existed as three separate entities, about to be worked into one (yoked together, har har), never to be distinct from one another again.


There was some bleary-eyed frogging this week (isn't there always?) as my sucky math skills were showcased in the form of a neverending yoke which seemed to get smaller by degrees so tiny they might have been imaginary. My whole weekend of knitting was torn out in about ten minutes, but I didn't cry (and I didn't even imbibe, because I am nursing a cold). Strength, people - I am a paragon of strength! (And mucous).

The moment of truth is approaching... soon I will be able to try it on and see whether the groundhog predicts 6 more weeks of frogging and knitting, or the arrival of sweater weather.

And of course, if you too are working on the Pullover Flair, you can share all your travails on the lil' tiny knitalong over on flickr...


  1. It's looking great! What color yarn are you using? It looks beige in the top pictures and almost like a light blue in the bottom ones. I really love this pattern and have to get moving on it! Will join your knit-a-long when I buy the yarn. :)

  2. It looks so pretty, even in it's unfinished state.

  3. "a paragon of strength! (And mucous)" That really made me laugh! I hope you're feeling better. I'm glad all of the frogging didn't make you cry. We've definitely all been there.

  4. hope you're feeling better...
    i love the moment of joining all the bits together too. it's one of those wee moments of knitting ingenuity that never ceases to amaze me.

  5. so beautiful!
    i am sure
    you are
    better by now,


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