Monday, March 12, 2007

new growth

Today is a very exciting day! Today is the launch of sew green.

lettuce sprouts

We have been working away in our secret underground laboratory with scissors, thread and paste, cameras, felt and yarn to create a new blog about crafting a more sustainable future. sew green is a collaboration among eleven women, all artists and crafters, using our creativity to find new ways out of toxic consumerism and share what we learn along the way.

I am really delighted and kind of sheepish about collaborating with the other ten women who are part of this project: shash, bugheart, gracia & louise, lisa solomon, Hayley Alaska, cindy jaswal, Ashb, tracy and shari. They are all so inspiring in their own chosen mediums already; now we all get to learn from each other as enviros as well. I hope you'll come visit!

green clothesline


  1. i am so so excited about this new project. looking forward to being inspired by all of you wonderful women!

  2. brilliant new project, i think you are all so great for doing this together!


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