Wednesday, March 21, 2007

little things

First things first: a news flash! Jenn has started a toy knit-a-long! Yes, a knit-a-long for those who are making toys. You must join. We all must join. Let the parade of cuteness commence!


Spring time is always a chaotic time for me at work and in my community commitments. Renewal, rebirth, reinvigoration, and lots of work. In all the craziness, little things are really important to me; small pleasures that quiet the space around me.


Walking in the woods and listening to bird song: Sunday and Monday we walked in the high Pisgahs - the mountains of southwestern North Carolina - and heard many birds calling out for mates. I have a beautiful song! I can build a snug little nest! Pick me!


Knitting a little: in the car, a few minutes early in the morning when it is still very quiet, late in the evening when the pair of owls in our neighborhood are hooting. I like having a project with a destination, but no deadline. This will be a Green Gable for me to wear in the warm weather.

Tea: morning tea with the cats and the newspaper keeping me company, mid-morning tea with my co-worker, afternoon tea in front of the computer, after-work tea with the news... very hot, milky and a little sweet... I can't imagine these busy days without tea breaks.

Sew Green: It's a thrill to have a new source of inspiration. I am thinking of participating in the 40-hour drought... could you do it? I think I may drink more water in a day than you're allowed to use in the 40-hour period...


Watching the garden grow: these little sprouts will be radishes.


  1. I am so jealous of your green sprouts. I JUST planted my broccoli, peppers, eggplants and basil. I'm looking out the window at a 6 foot snow bank. No sprouts yet in my life.

    There is nothing so wonderful as garden fresh produce! I can hardly wait to get planting out side.
    Thanks for the Green link. We try and do our part, but still have a long way to go.

  2. Oh! I signed on for the Toy KAL! I have a friend due with twins this fall, and wanted to make some toys... never tried before, an lo, a support group! I need some tea now!

  3. hi there. what a wonderful list of little pleasures. springtime is the most chaotic here too, workwise... just when i am the most distracted by the weather and wanting picnics... the small moments each day become so important for sanity and happiness!
    your new knitting looks lovely... what a pretty color.

  4. I like your list of Spring pleasures - mine is using a longer walking route to work so I can enjoy the quiet mornings.

    I can't wait to see more of your Green Gable.


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