Monday, May 21, 2007

immature or child-like?

Saun thinks that the "inner kid" in me is trying to come out. Truth be told, the kid in me is just below the surface, and it really doesn't take much. Saturday night I rode a little plastic trike down a sloping driveway and into a pile of leaves in order to impress a two year-old. But I digress.

Over the weekend, the population of the momerath village grew to five.

the little guy is making a break for it

I like how they're all a little different from each other. Some look calm and happy, and some look extremely mischievous. The ones with the smooth button eyes look particularly stoned compared to the others. Later this week I'll be shipping them off as a gift for someone whose very patient parents will either think these are hilarious or annoying (or maybe a bit of both).

A few years ago, after something extremely mature that I did, my aunt told me that I hadn't changed a bit since I was six. At first I was a bit miffed, but the more I thought about it, doesn't it sort of seem like a compliment?

Another time I went to a conference, and at the end of the conference we had a no-talent show. There was this woman there who did handwriting analysis - she has worked on cases with the FBI and everything. For her no-talent, which was actually a real talent, she handwriting-analyzed everyone in the room. When it was my turn, she said I was "child-like." I'm not sure whether that was based on my handwriting, or on the no-talent that I had helped someone with right before that, where I wore a raincoat and carried a target and she shot water at me from across the room. But one of the things I learned from that night was that the length of the tails of your lowercase g's and y's carry a lot of sexual connotations, and also that guys don't like you to examine the lengths of their lowercase g's and y's.

It's been so beautiful the last few days. An all-afternoon volunteer commitment that I had planned for Sunday fell through at the last minute, hooray, leaving me a free Sunday afternoon to sit outside in the shady part of the backyard and read. I also got back down to brass tacks with the secret whatzit project and broke through on some serious design issues I was having. Hopefully you'll see the finished item soon.

As usual, I'm overwhelmed in projects I'd like to knit. Besides secret whatzit, I've got a secret X-mas sweater on the needles for HWWLLB, as well as the toe-up socks, and there's some Shine on the way to me from KnitPicks for an Isabella, which looks perfect for summer parties at which one might sip mint juleps (I'm hoping to attend a lot of those this summer). I also picked up copies of Vogue Knitting and Knit.1 this weekend, both of which are full of projects that have me fantasizing about color. Since I put away the winter clothes and broke out the warm-weather wear, I've noticed how dull my closet is. It really needs some more color, and there are all these great quick projects that could do the job... I'm thinking burnt orange, grass green, and of course red. Or maybe I should just dye some of the more boring clothes I already have?

The needles are calling... one last thing: I got a great package from my Secret Pal today - she is awesome. More on that later!


  1. Blogger hid the comments feature for this post for a while... sorry about that! Weirdness.

  2. Yeah blogger has been weird with comments the last few days/??

    I hope you attend a lot of mint julip parties this summer! And if you do, please send me an invite as well. ;)

    those momerath's look like they're up to trouble!

  3. love your cute new momeraths... they look like they're having a good time together :) i think child-like is a good thing. considering how much time we spend trying to feel relaxed and carefree (my associations with childhood though probably as an actual child i didn't feel that way too much) some silliness, freedom to laugh, and willingness to ride a tricycle into a leaf pile all sound pretty damn good.
    and yes to knitting with color! i picked the drabbest of the project spectrum colors for knitting this month... dark moss green... but i think a little brightness is in order for me too. xo

  4. So cute! I love those things! Interesting about the lower case gs and ys. Hmm... ;) Oh, and the book I was telling you about re: dyeing, that my friend bought, is called A Dyer's Garden by Rita Buchanan.

  5. Secret XMAS sweater?? Do I need to start thinking about XMAS already - shoot!

    Love the little guys - they seem like the best companions!

  6. that post just makes me wanna grab the needles and knit! gotta go!

  7. Awww, they are so darn cute. And I love that they are all a bit different.


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