Saturday, May 05, 2007

more surprises

Again, more surprises are coming up in the flower beds of our new yard. This week, peonies!


I just can't complain about any of the surprises we've had with this yard. There are three of these big peony plants with fluffy white blooms and those touches of red inside. They're quite elegant.

I'm giggling as I write this, because from the other side of the wall I can hear HWWLLB talking to himself in the shower. I can't laugh at him outright, because I do it all the time, but it's still funny to hear him saying (with conviction) "yes, yes I think that's right," to himself in the shower. Personally, while in the shower I like to rehearse the speeches that I will never give.

The speech where I accept some sort of award from the Governor and then tell him off for his spineless defense of capital punishment.

The speech where I thank the audience for purchasing record numbers of copies of my book on why everything I like is so great / why everything that annoys me is so wrong.

The speech where the audience is moved to tears and tens of thousands pledge to stop buying food, clothes and plastic crap grown/made in sweatshops and only buy fair trade products or do without. know, speeches like those. Do you practice speeches in the shower? Sing? Tell jokes? I don't know what HWWLLB is talking about in there, but it sounds important.

I loved everyone's guesses about the mystery project. Some of you have a better memory than I do and remembered my touting this project some time back - smarty. The guesses were great: 80's-style legwarmers, a stuffed cat, gloves, an uterus, a hat with tubular ties... all very good guesses, but sadly, all wrong. Hee hee! The mystery continues... for most of us.

I must go and bake something and hoover the cat hair... bugheart is coming! And tomorrow I get to have tea with her and shari! Enjoy your weekend.


  1. no singing or talking in the shower for me ... though i've been known to wash handknit wool socks in the shower.
    but, i love to walk in the woods and think of a million things i'd love to do.
    enjoy the tea. i think the weather begs for it.

  2. Peonies!!!!! How can you have peonies when mine are only 1/4 of an inch high????

    Oh Right! TEMPERATE CLIMATE instead of living in a deep freeze. Did I mention that we had hail today? About 10 minutes after my neighbour and I were moaning in the sun. Moaning in ecstasy because it had mad an unscheduled stop in our back yard.

    ANd I was wrong about the uterus? How about a niffler?

  3. My dad had a peony plant and i moved and he got rid of it when he had to re-do the yard. I am still mourning it. Do you know if they can be planted in planters, or do they have to be in the ground?

    Also, did you get my ravelry invite? I did not have a chance to email you last week (busy with work) but wanted to invite you.

    Hope you had a nice weekend!

  4. beautiful peonies. :) i really enjoyed meeting you this weekend. brunch and knitting were so much fun!

  5. i so hear
    he's just
    too awesome.
    for the salad
    johnny and i
    will be
    planting out
    graden this week.
    fresh salad
    on your next visit!

  6. Love the spring blooms! Those peonies are beautiful! The roses in my yard are blooming (due to not much help on my part) and they make me so happy.

  7. I sing... and talk to myself. I like the "everyting I like" speech! hee hee!

  8. those peonies are gorgeous! what an amazing surprise. i'm envious... my garden's surprises are limited to various forms of weird fungus.
    and i loved the talking in the shower story and your fantasy speeches. my fantasy speeches are for my bike commute... the shower is limited to singing :) sappy love songs, usually, and morning songs of my own making (odes to shampoo, the cats, my lunch... it's kind of sad, really.)
    ps i owe you an email bigtime!


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