Wednesday, July 11, 2007


It's so beastly hot outside, and I have PMS, and there is so much work to be done... Instead of whining (which is hard not to do), I thought I'd share some of the little things that are keeping me smiling despite the oppressive North Carolina heat:

> katsi cook speaking at live earth about women's health and the environment. (you will enjoy the irony of the fact that live earth is sponsored by a company that makes gas-guzzling trucks, i think).

tomato windowsill

> red tomatoes. the heirloom paste tomatoes in our garden are just starting to ripen. i can't wait to start making tomato sauce!

> shari's home-made popsicles (or ice-lollies, if you prefer)

> nichola's new zine, mixtape. it's on paper! real live old-fashioned paper! i can't wait til it comes out in august.

> denise's never-ending parade of beautiful, lovingly-crafted orphan socks. will they ever find their soul mates? oh wait - she finished a pair!

> amisha's travel photos. the doors in particular are my favorites - i love the allure of possibility and new discoveries in a doorway.

SWTC tofutsies, zitron trekking, and zitron lifestyle

> sock yarn. i'm not usually so yarn-spendy, but i can't get enough sock yarn lately. socks are about the only thing i can fathom carrying around with me to knit these days. and despite the fact that it's really not rocket science, i continue to be amazed by the wizardry of self-striping.

...So what's got you smiling?


  1. at the risk of appearing to be rather whore-like...check out my latest blog post to see what's got me smiling from ear to ear today....

  2. (Kristy forgot the link:

  3. What's got me smiling today: supportive friends (thank you so much for the lovely comment you left me!), some encouraging news yesterday (I just posted about it), and my knitting, which is truly a godsend right now. :)

  4. what's got me smiling ?! well ... i almost squirted wine between my teeth when i saw your link to my orphans ! the orphanage grows ... it does. i can't help myself. it's hot. the socken yarn seduces. what is this "lifestyle" socken yarn?!
    by the way, i soooo envy your garden! i wish i had tomatoes too !!! ... especially homegrown tasty heirloom varieties!!!

    ps. .... mates come in october ... regardless of soctoberfest. the weather might get cooler then, and my toes will be cold !.

  5. walking in the door after work and being offered a warm piece of homemade bread with butter. t rocks!

    i made a new batch of popsicles today: blueberry juice with one fat blackberry in each. yum. xo
    ps: tomato secrets? our blossoms keep dropping! darn it.

  6. This post!! those popsicles look awesome, gotta make some!

  7. love your
    list of loves...
    oooh oohh
    self-striping yarn!
    i need some
    more of that...
    and i need
    to make
    more socks.
    all about
    100% local
    and is demanding
    i grow
    next year!

  8. i am smiling and oh-so-proud because indiana (the dog) has no fleas yet, and has not yet had any sort of toxic treatment this year. ::::knocking on wood:::: i've been flea combing her every coupla days, and every once in a while i'll get one, but they're few and far between. i'm not sure if that's what's making the difference, or if we've just been lucky, but it's pretty awesome. yay for the toxic-free dog!
    also, yay for popsicles and travel pictures. mmmmm.

  9. Your tomatoes! I have wee little pea sized green things so far.
    The other thing that has me smiling is sleeping children and no need to help with homework! Love the summer!

  10. popsicles ? iced lollies??
    Here in OZ we call 'em icy poles
    Considering we supposedly all speak English, you have to love the differences. That's one of the things that keeps me smiling :]

  11. i am smiling at catching up with your posts and so touched that my photos are on your list! :) thank you so much sweetie! i am glad that you enjoyed them!
    ps digging sock yarn too... almost finished a pair finally... the first time in forever!


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