Friday, July 06, 2007

little knitting

It's like there is a river, and the river is little babies, and the river flows on and on and never stops. More babies coming. Must knit more little sweaters.

First, a cute reminder of how much I hate sewing up sweaters. This teeny-tiny little newborn-sized pullover took me all morning to sew up. After the knitting, a whole morning of sewing up was not what I signed up for.


I like the sweater though. It's just a neat little stitch pattern (sorry I can't remember the name) from a Barbara Walker treasury tossed onto a basic V-neck pullover from this great book, Style your own kids' knits by Kate Buller. (I use this book all the time to get measurements and sizing right for basic-shaped sweaters for kids of all different ages -- it goes from newborn to about 8 years -- it's fabulous). But no more knitting them flat and sewing them up - what a drag. It's top-down for the babies from now on. Babies look great in raglan sleeves anyway. This sweater is for the forthcoming baby of HWWLLB's cousin, who by the way has big, beautiful, athletic babies.

Just to drive home my point on the top-down baby sweaters, here's a shot of some progress on a little cardigan for my former-coworker's forthcoming baby (she has the prettiest babies you've ever seen). This one is made of a bunch of leftovers of Blue Sky Alpacas organic cotton (hence all the color changes). The design was inspired by this kit over which the Yarn Harlot has been obsessing lately. I haven't actually seen the kit in person, but I liked her pictures of it and immediately understood its addictive powers.


But I'm unlikely to knit multiples of this little guy, since about twelve feet from the finish line I ran totally out of yarn. *sigh* So much for knitting from the stash. Hello, ladies from K*Pixie? Can you send me some more of this nice yarn please? I think you know the credit card number. Thanks.

I am currently writing from a coffee shop in a little town up in the mountains where we have squirreled ourselves away for the weekend. It's so very nice here. Earlier today I stood calf-deep in the middle of a clear mountain stream and it was so relaxing and wonderful watching the water flowing by and none of it was babies. Just water. But I might do some knitting tonight anyhow.


  1. your mountain getaway sounds so nice, and your little red sweater is the cutest. xo

  2. That's a lovely little sweater. The colour is gorgeous! I have the Kate Buller book too. It's a fabulous resource. samm

  3. I love the way that sweater looks in earth tones!

  4. a weekend in the mountains sounds so good. and your new sweaters are lovely... the stitch pattern on the red one is gorgeous and i am really digging all the organic cotton colors together. beautiful.

  5. i like the earthtone one too!
    I think I am swimming in the baby river. They are EVERYWHERE!

  6. Oh how I love baby sweaters. But, I'm with you on the seaming. Bleh! Glad you had such a relaxing weekend!

  7. Fabulous sweaters, both of them, and I totally agree on seaming! Top-down raglans are the way to go...with the added benefit of being easy to fit.

  8. both of those sweaters are really nice. thanks for the info on that book too - it sounds VERY helpful.

  9. i am with
    on the mountain
    i am such
    a bad friend
    who doesn't make
    my friend's babies.
    such a bad

  10. Love the sweater!! And LOVE your free friday patterns! Thanks so much for sharing your talent (and I'm anxiously awaiting this sweater) =)


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