Tuesday, November 20, 2007

making treats

Is anyone else excited for Thanksgiving?

We always have a Thanksgiving potluck at our house. HWWLLB makes the turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce, and I get to coordinate with the guests on what else to make. I can't wait! Here's what I think I'm making this year:

mashed potatoes
vegetarian mushroom gravy
pumpkin & black bean chili
pumpkin pie
pecan pie

I love making pie crust - maybe because it has so much butter in it? I tend to be of the opinion that anything with lots of butter is inherently good.

This never works out for me, because I always run out of time, but I also really want to make some decorations. I am imagining orange and brown and gold place cards, a table centerpiece with Indian corn and a turkey made of paper-bag paper, and in general a festive fall atmosphere that looks something like this.

Do any of you actually do this? If I believed it were doable and not just some Martha Stewart craziness, I might actually find the time...


  1. I LOVE Thanksgiving! I don't usually make decorations, but food- yes! All of it. I can't wait- yum!

  2. I'm excited for Thanksgiving dinner and seeing my family. My family is very low-key so we've never had the centerpieces of table display like that. It looks pretty, but also looks like a lot of work.

    I hope you have a great holiday!

  3. Hey, Well, I am Canadian so we have already had our Thanksgiving. Our family doesn't do anything that fun, but It looks beautiful. I think it would be doable if you did things ahead of time if you could.... you know like, setting the table the day before if you have a seperate dining space, or if not, making your pies and chilli(which allows your spices to sink in and stick out better)the day before, to allow time to set up the day of.
    Just a thought! Whatever you do enjoy!

  4. i am! t and i are just packing up the beetle with strawberry cider, moravian cookies, a long island cheese pumpkin (for pie making), and a box of panettone. happy thanksgiving you 2. your first as a married couple. yay. xo

  5. happy (belated) thanksgiving! we had a quiet one at home, but as traditional as we could manage... i made apple pie for the first time since last thanksgiving! i'm totally with you on pie crust, and butter. mmmm, butter.


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