Friday, February 29, 2008

leap day

What did you do on Leap Day?

I took the day off work... yay! So I got to do a few fun things with my free Friday:

Went out to lunch with my sister and stuffed myself with Indian Buffet (that's her reaching for more rice pudding):

Made a Pay it Forward gift for someone who likes recycled things. This is a grocery bag made from a bunch of old plastic bags fused together (I had been wanting to try the technique for a while):
recycled bag 1

Watered the little sprouts in the greenhouse:

Now I'm making tea and waiting for HWWLLB to get home. We're going off to have dinner wih some new friends tonight.

New friends are always sort of a scary proposition for me. What if I say something offensive? What if they say something offensive? Or, worst of all, what if we really really like them and can never find the time to hang out with them again??? This friendship thing is fraught with peril. Makes me want to crawl into bed and read a novel instead. But I can always do that tomorrow...

Happy weekend!


  1. you're funny.
    i feel the same
    way about
    new friends
    ever since
    an old friend
    told me
    i come on
    "a little strong"
    when i am
    excited to
    make a friend.
    miss you.

  2. Or what if your other new friends find out they have competition and start making trouble?


  3. actually had a great day at work finishing up a project for a contest.
    Your sprouts are ...well. sprouting
    Hope your dinner went well

  4. man, I totally under used my extra day!


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