Sunday, February 17, 2008

peeping out

Hello! I am peeping out from behind a very large stack of work. How are you?

Look at what else is peeping out today:

peeping kale
tiny little kale sprouts

peeping broccoli
itty bitty broccoli sprouts

Today the very first sprouts broke through the soil in the greenhouse. It's actually working! I'm so excited!

Cross your fingers for the sprouts, because I'm about to go out of town for several days. HWWLLB has to remember to go out there and vent it in the morning and seal it up in the evening, and water all the sprouts just a little... I know he can handle it. But still, I'll be crossing my fingers for the sprouts and hoping that they don't get forgotten while I'm away.

I've just come back from a 2-day out-of-town meeting yesterday, and today I go away for a training for 5 days. *sigh* A less-than ideal weekend. But there is internet access at the place I'm going, so hopefully I'll be able to check in a couple of times while I'm away. I'm hoping that knitting will be possible during the training sessions, and if so maybe I'll post updates on my progress. I'm working on a little girl sweater that I think is going to be really cute. It's had lots of re-starts, since I'm designing as I go, but I think I've finally got the structure in my mind how I want it. Here's the beginning picture:


Hopefully it will be farther along by the end of this week of trainings! Til then... have a wonderful week. Watch to see what is peeping out around you!


  1. i can hardly wait
    to start planting!

  2. Are those the seeds you planted last weekend? Wowza, that was fast!


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