Monday, November 10, 2008

sweaters vs. everything else

alpaca yarn

Holiday knitting time is so full of choices.

Do I work on the obligatory sweater every waking minute, which it will almost certainly require to be done before Christmas, or do I work on all the other little projects which could actually be completed one by one in the same span of time?

So far, I'm shooting for both.

The lovely sport-weight alpaca yarn shown above is Touch of Twist Peruvian Alpaca, which I bought at Maryland Sheep & Wool for the express purpose of knitting a special Christmas gift for someone who is now in the habit of receiving a sweater every year... if I had any sense, I would not be knitting a man's large sweater on size 3 needles on a deadline. Or I would have started a little earlier.

As for all the little projects... they are all so charming and giftey. And since none of the intended recipients will read this blog, I can show you what they are: Boo the Bat from Mochimochiland, some Peace Fleece Felted Horses, a handy-dandy lunch bag, Brooklyntweed's Druid Mittens, and maybe even some fancy Komet socks if I can squeeze them in.

Aren't all of those projects so much more appealing than 7,438 rows of stockinette stitch on size 3 needles? And yet... tradition is tradition. So I joined NaSweKniMo for inspiration (yes, this is Knit-a-whole-sweater-in-a-month month - thank you, sadistic aspiring novelists). I'm going to do my damndest to finish this thing in the month of November... but come December 1st, it's knitted bats and felted ponies for me!


  1. Good luck with the sweater! It is a large undertaking... but I am betting it can be done! I love your little projects as well... Will be neat to see your finished versions of them!

    Thank you!

  2. I'm right there with you! I'm almost to the armpits of my dad's vest, so there is hope for that one, but the lace stole I'm knitting my grandmother is being sorely neglected...Likewise the small projects. I finished my cousin's mittens but I have mitts to make that I've only swatched for, and they're of my own design so there is plenty of potential for disaster!

  3. Oh, good luck with that sweater! You are a far better woman than I! Hmm...I wonder if I could talk myself into trying to finish my Tangled Yoke this month? Maybe having a deadline would help move things along...

  4. Wow - I totally missed that lunch bag when it came out! Good luck with the sweater - the yarn looks like it's lovely to work with.

  5. I certaintly echo your sentiments about this time of year for us knitterly types~

  6. If you haven't already purchased the Mochimochi pattern, there is another bat pattern out there that is just adorable, and a bit cheaper too.

  7. glad to know I'm not alone -- trying to finish a long, long scarf for my husband also on size 3 needles, and promised to have it done before cold weather comes! I call it the Trillion Stitch Scarf.

  8. I love your site. Found it while looking for a hat pattern. I am trying to start a blog site myself, but very new to it and your site inspires me. Thank you for having it.
    This time of year I am usually frantically sewing gifts, knitting hats, etc. This year I am living in France and cannot afford the high shipping costs to send my big family presents, so none of the last minute projects to finish. Hope yours goes well!

  9. I'll bet you are looking forward to the start of December! That bat is too cute! And the mittens are beautiful! Have fun knitting!

  10. Hi, Miss Fawn!

    I believe we've met live and in person! I'm Kate, from the Chapel Hill/Carrboro Stitch & Bitch. I was just on Rav admiring your quicky cowl, and then I realized you created the star-nosed mole pattern, are a genius, woman!! I just had to pop in and let you know that, in case it's a while before I see you again.

    Hope all is well, and that I get to see you around soon!


  11. last week i realized that it was time to make choices over here as well :) i've got my dad's sweater going (on size 8 needles, thankfully) and mama's socks, and i think that's the best i can do this year! xo


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