Tuesday, July 28, 2009

fast and slow

Some of the things I used to do so well, I do them now very slowly. But I also have a whole set of new doing things quickly skills.

I can knit about 3 rows at a time. Or I can wind a skein of yarn. But only one.

Once I've read an email, it seems to take me at least a week to answer it. Ditto phone messages.

I can read one chapter in a book, if it's a very very short chapter. Lately I've been reading a lot of Willa Cather, because her books are gorgeous and I am really enjoying them, but they're also quite convenient since the chapters are only a few pages each.

Blog posts take me at least a week to write (though most of that time is spent thinking through ideas and then forgetting them).

However, I can eat any meal in under three minutes. I can change a diaper faster than I thought possible, and I can dress a squirmy baby in a minute flat. With HWWLLB at home, I can do a trip to the grocery store, Target or the library in less than 45 minutes (but only one of those places - goodbye to multiple errands at once).

Nothing can be scheduled. Appointments are irrelevant.

Then there are the beautiful, long stretches of time that I spend nursing the Little Pea, rocking her, playing with her when she's awake or peeking at her while she sleeps. In actuality, these times take up most of my day, but when I think about them it seems that they are flying by and I'll never be able to remember all the amazing things that happen during each one. Time moves so painfully quickly now (especially when I'm asleep). I am beginning to understand that it will never slow down again.


  1. You're a mother!!! Life does change with a little one around. :) But for the better, really, even if it feels so chopped up. That will change, too, as the Little Pea gets a bit older. She'll feed less often, be awake more, and you'll be able to go shopping with her, visiting friends with her along, timing things so baby girl has her naps. My boys used to nap in their pram whether they were home or not, when they were tiny. And we went for long afternoon walks, with them sleeping and me getting some exercise. It's amazing how things change and how fascinating babies are. I loved that time of my life, and miss it. But I do remember the feelings that go with the peeking at my sleeping child, the quiet nursing in the middle of the night, which I loved, and many more special memories that are part of me. Enjoy the Pealet, each step and change. It's a wonderful journey! samm

  2. Yes, I remember those days. Savor the time you can spend just being with the baby. My rule of thumb was that you can only get 2 things done per day, and that included things like making a phone call or taking a shower. It took a long time for my DH to get used to that idea!

  3. i am glad you have realized this so early in the game. there was the whirlwind of babyhood, then the challenge of toddlerhood and now the new set of boyhood emerging...and i cannot believe how the time so quickly brought us through all of it. i rarely miss things, but there are moments when i wish i truly remembered what it felt like to hold a 4 pound baby...

    enjoy and embrace, it truly sounds like you are.

  4. laenger@comcast.netJuly 28, 2009 at 7:15 PM

    What a beautiful post. You have captured the changes in your world and the restructuring of priorities so wonderfully. As someone who works with new parents every day I can honestly say that I wish they all saw it as you do. Would it be possible for me to borrow this post to read at some of the classes I teach? I think it would really make a lovely statement.

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  6. I can remember too and my 'baby' is 42 now. You will never forget. Enjoy it while you can, it goes so swiftly!

  7. Not having any kids yet I've never thought about how my day would change. It actually sounds quite blissful, thanks for posting this :-)


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