Saturday, July 11, 2009


I finished a project!


It's embarrassing how little I've been able to accomplish in the knitting department the last few months. I started this little baby top in May thinking it would be a quick knit, and just finished it today. There are some other unfinished projects sitting around as well, but they take more focus than I have available at the moment between feedings - like the challenging socks that were a much-needed distraction when I was trying not to be impatient at the end of pregnancy, and now seem like a complicated joke. Ah, well.

As for this top, I just sort of made it up after seeing Pixie Purls' Country Kiddie pattern on Ravelry. It was too simple to really use a pattern for; just a basic top-down top. It's made with about half a skein of Tofutsies sock yarn, which has a really nice drape for a garment like this, and I think it will be nice and cool as a summer top, or a cute layer over a long-sleeved shirt in the fall. I added a little button at the neckline, and I'm glad, because we'll need it to accommodate our daughter's rather sizeable noggin.

I can't decide what to knit next - though every time I open the yarn stash and get as far as sifting through a couple of ideas, it's time to nurse the baby again, so maybe fantasizing or the occasional row on the Komet socks are as much knitting as I'll be able to do for a while.


  1. Dreaming about knitting is fun, and actual knitting time will slowly come back. I knit an oversized adult sweater when my first baby was napping; maybe at 6 months or so? Hey, this means that my favorite big sweater is now 21 years old! Yikes.

  2. Your days are much fuller now so it is no surprise that things have slowed down in other areas. The little top is beautiful! I wonder how long it will last on wee pea before she spits up on it ;-)

  3. it's adorable!
    it might not be long before you can knit + nurse at the same time, which can make life feel a lot more sane. (or at least it has in my experience!)

  4. If you finished it before she outgrew it, you've accomplished more than many of us (yep, me) managed. Enjoy our success!

  5. The knitting/creating limbo during nursing and young babyhood is weird. For me, it felt unnatural in a sense (because I was always used to be being busy) and so very natural (because nursing a baby is amazing).

  6. so cute.
    those tofutsies
    went to good use!
    talk soon?!

  7. i love it, good thinking on the button, those heads are always so much bigger than you think. knitting complexity comes back with time....i found it hard to believe the day i actually knit lace.


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