Saturday, August 01, 2009

diaper ado


One of the few things I managed to finish knitting before the Little Pea came along was a set of 6 wrap-style knitted diaper covers (the purpley-pink one above is one of my favorites).

Unfortunately, put into practice I discovered that this particular design is not particularly, uh, reliable in the poop containment arena. Oh well. The things you learn when the fantasy baby actually becomes reality...

However, I do plan to knit some pull-up style soakers and give those a try, and if (when!) her daytime naps ever stretch out sufficiently I might also try sewing some from felted sweaters รก la the Artful Parent (I am so in love with all Jean's fun projects).

Anyhow, this post was really just to say that over on Sew Green I have a post up today as part of a continuing discussion on cloth v. disposable diapers. Here is Lisa's earlier post on the subject.

Once I've had a chance to test-drive a few different hand-made soakers, I hope to post a review here. In the mean time though, it's factory-made diaper covers for us. *sigh* Can't make everything yourself, I guess.


  1. oh I do recommend the woollen pull-up covers. I have 3 daughters and they all have been using cloth nappies, and knitted pull-up covers have been best for us. They are so soft and flexible and keep babies tummy nice and warm. And they are VERY fast to knit. I like the ones made of Twilleys Freedom spirit the best. Also unspun Finn-sheep has been good and merino - of course. But for cute pants - try freedom spirit. (1 ball is enough for short pull-ons)

  2. I found that it was up to a great fitting diaper to contain the poo - the cover was to prevent everything from getting wet. That being said - sometimes nothing will contain the liquid diet poo that little babies extrude so don't feel like you are doing something wrong. Plastic diapers are even worse.

    Firm believer in the soaker, shorties and most especially the longies. I had quite a few pais with t-shirts and dresses for winter that were awesome. I like the wooly wonder patterns and the Little Turtle Knits as well. Both are incredibly easy, worked in the round and have decent pattern support. Oh - and they are great for customizing for your baby's size. Good luck - it gets easie!

  3. It's been 19 years since my twins were babies- I used diaper service for them and my eldest-they were allergic to disposables. I used the velcro covers for the diapers- they worked really well. When my sister had her baby I tried to get her diaper service and it wasn't available anymore- only for adult diapers-go figure.

  4. Try out the Curly Purly pull up soaker pattern. It is a fairly quick knit and it works great.

  5. the knit soakers are oh-so-cute, but if you want a cloth diaper that works and makes life easier for you, i'd go with fuzzi bunz, which i discovered after many adorable self-knitted soakers just didn't quite do the trick. good luck!

  6. i have some
    for you...
    i better get 'em
    to you before
    they are too
    for little pea!


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