Friday, September 11, 2009

better all the time

yummy rattle
i promised i'd post a picture that wasn't of her feet for a change

I've had that Beatles song stuck in my head all week since I heard it on the radio the other day. It does describe our crazy new lives pretty well.

Some days are hectic and insane and by the time she goes to bed I don't know whether to laugh, cry or get drunk (fortunately breastfeeding generally rules out #3). Other days are peaceful, hilarious and beautiful and I feel on top of the world. The truly wonderful thing is that the ratio of good to bad days has always been tilted to the positive side, and it is getting better all the time. I can't quite say I'm well rested, but sleep is one of the things helping move the needle more often to the happy side, slowly but surely.

But you know, even on the worst days, when all she can manage is a 20-minute nap and I can't seem to find enough time to make a cup of tea and actually drink it before it gets cold, knitting always gets me through. When I need to collapse on the couch and veg out, and I'm jittery with nervous energy from being cooped up in the house all day with a very demanding companion, knitting is always there for me. Sometimes you don't know whether that quiet moment will last five minutes or fifty, and I'm finding that these unpredictable moments are bringing me back the knitterly world of the productive again. It feels very good.

grandmother owl booties

Here are the booties I just finished with the Grandmother Owl pattern. Somehow I managed to knit them inside-out, but they came out well all the same. Bev scared me out of making pom-poms due to their apparent mortal hazards, but the little ties finish with tassles, which I sewed on so tightly that they could probably be relied upon as a lifeline if I fell over a cliff, so I think they will be safe for the baby. This is a great little bootie pattern, and I like the flexible 'one size,' which unlike most of her other clothes will probably actually fit for a while. What a great way to use up some sock yarn leftovers!

Little Pea is very interested in knitting as well. Sometimes while she plays on her play mat, I sit next to her and do some knitting, and she is fascinated with the color and movement. I wonder how old a kid has to be before it's safe to hand them some nice blunt knitting needles?


  1. Hey, can I drop by soon and give you your baby present? Just tell me when. I'll only stay a few minutes and you DO NOT have to clean up for me. Or maybe you are going back to work soon? I suppose I could just drop it at your office. Call or email me if you can.


  2. What a cutie! I used to give my grandson pieces of yarn, and once he was heard while supposedly napping, "Where's my knitting?" No needles required.....

  3. on the question of when knitting needles can be put in hand, i say 5 months, as long as you supervise. no? uh, maybe a few months then.

    knitting was my great savior in those early months. i recall finishing my first 'me' project when they were about 5 months old....and it felt so good. it still gets me through a lot.

    here is a little shot of mace handling his first knitting row, he used to sit in my lap and watch me knit for a bit, fascinated by the flashing of the needles. that ended with mobility, but they already know how to hold a needle in each hand and they loooove my yarn (when they get to it. they call it 'ninees' and 'warn'

    and baby pea....just adorable.

  4. whoops, no pic. could not find it :)

  5. love to hear
    how you
    are doing
    with little pea.
    of you both
    all the time.
    love the booties...
    who knew pom poms
    were so

  6. Cute little pea! My littlest liked to watch me spin on my drop spindle. Didn't like me to ply though. Go figure!

  7. I finished your Natural stripes cardi recently and really loved the pattern. I've put some pictures on my blog. Thanks so much!


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