Sunday, September 12, 2010

sick, sick, sick

copper scarf

Everyone is sick at my house. It is quite tiresome.

I'm knitting this scarf, slowly but surely, and the warm fall color and silky yarn are cheering me, a little. But it's a drag being sick, having a sick partner, and a sick baby is worst of all.

Ever since we started at a child care center at the beginning of August, it seems there is a new funk every week. First the little one gets it, then HWWLLB, then me. Repeat ad nauseum. Nobody feels like making dinner. Nobody feels like cleaning up the house. We are all very tired of it.

I hear that this is the standard for the first year of child care. And that if you don't use child care, it will be the first year of kindergarten. The family gets every little bug that's going around. After six weeks of it, I can't imagine making it through the rest of the year. Blegh.





  1. lovely scarf - where did you find the pattern? Looks like it begs for a fall color.

  2. You poor thing. I personally think having a sick husband is worse than a sick baby. Of course, I have neither now, so I only have myself to deal with (and whine to) when I'm sick. My grandson who lives in a teeny town in Missouri, just started Kindergarten, and less than two full weeks into it, has come down with pinkeye! So, it's true, but hopefully she and you and the wonderful hubby will build up your immunity and will not be so vulnerable after awhile.

  3. Cough, cough, my kids have it too. Hope you get better soon.

  4. Hope you feel better very soon and can knit some more of the lovely scarf :)

  5. I should have said, this is the "Easy Drop Stitch Scarf" from Frazzled Knits. Look for it in the sidebar on the right - it's a free download.

  6. I feel so badly for you. Hang in there. Soup helps.

  7. My sympathies to you all. I can remember being in first year out as a teacher. I caught everything till immunity built up. That scarf looks good.

  8. A sick husband is bad but a sick baby is worse because you never get that rest you need. Hope you get some sleep at night and I really love the scarf :-D

  9. I'm sorry to hear about your sickness, I do hope that you all are better by now, especially your baby. I know how exhausting and scaring it is to have a sick child at home- some time ago my 20months daughter got chronic diarrea and it kept her for almost five weeks. She lost lots of weight and was so miserable. I almost got silver hair from worrying so I really hope your baby is fine by now.
    Sending you lots of warm and healing thoughts and hugs,

  10. It's such a drag. We've had nothing but sickness this year! It started when our oldest started preschool and it just keeps on going. I hope their little immune systems adjust soon! Good luck with yours.


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