Saturday, October 09, 2010

october afternoons

playing outside

We are playing outside quite a bit lately.

I'm so grateful that the heat of summer has finally dissipated, and we can go outdoors again and enjoy fresh air and sunshine. This summer really over-stayed its welcome. Don't get me wrong; I like summer, I do. But I don't like hot sticky temperatures, and by the end of September if I had to sit through another 90+ degree day, I was going to lose my mind. So October has been quite welcome.

On my days off, the Little Pea and I are enjoying long walks, romps on the playground, fooling around in our backyard, and hanging out with friends. Yesterday afternoon we walked around the corner to a friend's house and whiled away a couple of hours just playing and laughing with them in the yard. Bliss!

Courduroy, jeans, sweaters, blazers, warm socks, scarves, boots and closed shoes... I've missed them all so much. Welcome back, fresh air!

The crisp weather has also sent me back to the kitchen and the knitting bag, two places I've longed for all summer. Somehow I was only able to make cursory visits to both. Today I made pancakes for breakfast, grilled cheese for lunch, I'm simmering up a big pot of vegetable stock for soups, and I'm baking cookies.

I've also got a big list of knitting projects competing for my attention: a sweater for the Little Pea's new doll (seen above), a sweater for the Pea herself, mittens for the Pea before our family camping trip next weekend, because it's going to be chilly, Norwegian mittens for the Pea's grandma for Christmas, and an owlet for a friend who will be turning five soon.

Maybe I'll get some of them done on the car trip to the mountains. I can't wait to see the fall color in the Blue Ridge, and to sit by a campfire eating hot apple turnovers in the chilly air. Apple turnovers are one of the staples of the family camping trip. A group of us has to spend half an afternoon peeling apples at the campsite, but it's well worth it.

What are you savoring on these crisp fall days?


  1. You had more summer than you wanted, and we had less! And now I wish we were having crisp fall days, but they're a bit soggy. Oh, well. It's time to rock the hand knit socks once again.

    Enjoy your crisp days; I love those best!

  2. Happy autumn! It's my favrite season for cooking, knitting, and being cozy too. Good luck with your list of to-do's.

  3. I, too, am spending more time outdoors after nearly giving up on cool autumn days. (It doesn't get anywhere near crisp in Florida until mid December). I miss hot chocolate, working with wool and walking the dog without being bathed in my own sweat. How's that for a nice summer image.

    Little Pea sure does look cute with her new doll.

  4. mmm, the season of Pumpkin Ales and Robust Porters!

  5. little pea
    and her doll are


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