Sunday, April 30, 2006

the weekend report

Oh, Claudette! She was so close.

Saturday night we watched a cheesy James Bond movie (Never Say Never Again) and I finished the front of Claudette. She looked great! All I had to do was sew the front & back together, put on some little cap sleeves and my fancy neckline and - voila! I was sure to be wearing her to work on Monday.

Sadly, Monday will come and more than likely I'll be wearing some cute but utterly seen-before thing I got at the clothes swap.

Oh, woe of all woes! Somehow in the transition from ribbing to body, I forgot to change my needles to the bigger size. The whole body of the front was knit on size 3 needles instead of on 5's. Waaaaiiiiillllll!

The front seems to be about 15% smaller than the back overall. HWWLLB suggested I just "sew in a strip," but it just ain't that easy. And so, frog frog frog.

If I were a turbo knitter like Miss Saun, I would have just stayed up til 3 am re-knitting the whole damn thing, and be wearing it to Sunday brunch the next morning. Alack and alas, I sat around moaning instead about my misfortune and stupidity, and then went to bed. Today I ripped half-heartedly, wound yarn-cakes half-heartedly, and knitted 6 or 7 pathetic rows before giving it up completely to work on some socks. Whine!

But the whining stops here, I swear. Some VERY GOOD THINGS happened over the weekend.

Namely, HWWLLB and I went to the eye doctor on Saturday. And behold, these old dogs will never grace my sweetie's visage again:

Not only that, but I got some new glasses, too:

I've always wanted red glasses. Now I'm a grown-up and I can wear whatever G-darn glasses I want to. Hoorah!

Now I know it's Use What You Have month and all, but I went out and bought some stuff to make Mother's Day gifts, and I hereby announce that you may steal my brilliant idea if it amuses you. I bought a mess of silk flowers and pin backs at the craft store, pulled out the hot-glue gun, and made a pile of silk flower brooches. These things are going to keep me well-stocked in birthday and holiday gifts for a long time to come.

They do look pretty garish all lumped together like that, but individually they make classy little pins for your lapel or purse strap. I also made some pretty hair thingies with the smaller flowers. They are going out as secret prizes this week - I hope the recipients like them!

And last but certainly not least, the pride of my week: I reorganized my closet. I even sort of color-arranged it. Not that there's much color in there really. But I did my best. It's still in garment-type groupings, but I've eliminated the system I used to use, where within the category "shirt," the shirts would be grouped according to weight, sleeve length and relative dressiness. Now shirts are all lumped into one big group and sorted by color. I hope it works out... I am terrified that in my usual morning stupor I'll be unable to locate any of my clothes and end up going to work in a scuzzy old rock & roll t-shirt and pyjama/yoga pants (that is strictly a Friday-only ensemble).

By the way, congrats to Paloma, Angelia and Ellia for winning cell phone cozies in last week's anniversary post! I really appreciate everyone's kind words & encouragement.


  1. You have been one busy girl. The Claudette mishap sucks but now you know why it was taking you so long to finish. Small needles. Was it really too small?

  2. Sorry to hear about your use of the smaller needles. I'm sure you'll take another deep breath and dive right in and finish it!
    Knit on!

  3. Sorry about your knitting needle mishap. I knitted a sweater for my husband and did almost the same thing. One one sleeve, I only switched ONE needle to the larger size and ended up with a weird, oddly sized sleeve. That's what I get for knitting a black sweater while watching tv. Hopefully the second time knitting it will go faster!

  4. ribbit, i mean, "sorry" about your sweater front! if it's any consolation, i've done that and worse! even in sewing, my favorite blopper involved sewing the sleeves of an irish linen blouse onto the wrong armholes ... thus, i had cuff plackets ontop of the wrist. that was a mistake i could not fix.
    congratulations on the bloglandia progress, and i think the flower pins are very nice!

  5. I love my new cozy! Now Tony and I can tell our phones apart. I am also completely digging your new glasses. Cute ones like yours sometimes make me wish I had not done lasik

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